What do the top 10 billion-dollar tech startups have in common?

What do the top 10 billion-dollar tech startups have in common?

Billion Dollar Startups

What do the top 10 billion-dollar tech startups have in common? Founders Fund, San Francisco, and high DataFox Quality Scores

Fortune profiled the top 10 billion-dollar tech “startups” - companies still privately held - and their impressive founders.

We created a DataFox Watchlist to learn more about this group:

Founders Fund and T. Rowe Price dominate

T. Rowe Price has put the most capital to work in this group: $2B in total, co-investing most frequently with Sequoia, TPG, Dragoneer, and Blackrock. Other prominent firms: Founders Fund and Andreessen Horowitz, with ~$1B invested, each. Greylock, SV Angel, and Accel follow Founders Fund with the highest number of deals, at three.

Investor Co-occurence

You should still move to San Francisco (or Palo Alto) to start your company

Although the Bay Area has a commanding lead with five headquarters out of these ten, Beijing impressively numbers two companies.

Top cities

Dropbox, Spotify and Cloudera have the highest DataFox Quality Scores

The oldest company on this list is Jingdong, the youngest is Xiaomi. In the Bay Area, Palantir is oldest (2004) and Pinterest is youngest (2009). Pinterest is also the smallest in headcount, but highest in LinkedIn followers (correlated with ability to hire talent). Dropbox commands the highest overall Quality Score.

DataFox Quality Score
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