Updates on DataFox & Industry News

Updates on DataFox & Industry News

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We’re here to help you stay ahead of the curve
We know how hard it is for you to stay on top of the Valley’s hottest companies. With the current rate of company formation and growth reaching escape velocity, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? With 20 RSS feeds, TechCrunch, an overflowing inbox, and overheard conversations on University Ave, how do you stay focused on the companies that matter to you?

We at DataFox are here to help. Make sure your Watchlist is up to date so your dashboard contains the news and stats that are relevant to you. Use our Search tool to find companies in sectors you’re interested in and add them to your Watchlist. It’s almost like hitting the “snooze” button to be reminded of them later. Whether you’re an investor or a job-seeker, we guarantee that our one-page snapshot of a company will come in handy.

New Features!
We’re releasing new features weekly… here are a few recent additions:

  • Job Postings: see where a company is growing it’s team
  • Influence Stats: how active is the company vs last week on Twitter, AngelListLinkedIn, and Alexa?
  • Notes: your own super light-weight CRM functionality. Jot down thoughts or next steps.

Trending companies getting acquired…
Three recently “trending” companies have been acquired in the last month - Parse, Pulse, and Astrid.  Parse (founded in 2011) is a light-weight cloud app platform, Pulse was able to get millions of people using their news reader, and Astrid’s socialization of the to-do list caught Yahoo’s attention.

DropBox hosting its first conference
If you have Dropbox on your Watchlist, you will have noticed that they’re organizing their first developer conference (“DBX”) in SF in July. This is a signal that Dropbox will be working hard to expand the capabilities and appeal of its business product, until recently dubbed “Dropbox for Teams.”  Testament to Dropbox’s continued growth and traction is a further climb in the Alexa rankings, from #122 to #119 as well as a 1.4% increase in its Twitter as well as LinkedIn followers. On the jobs front, recent job postings weighted towards security engineers and sales functions further suggest the prioritization of Dropbox’s enterprise offering.

We’re listening!
Help us tie DataFox inextricably to your morning coffee and bagel. What data points and insights are most valuable to you? What features do you want us to build next? Also - are there any interesting company profiles you’ve added to your Watchlist? Let us know!

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