DataFox is Now the Best Way to Track Companies You Care About

DataFox is Now the Best Way to Track Companies You Care About

UPDATE #2 (Nov 2013):  We received so much positive feedback that we have refactored the way this all works.  It's cleaner, easier, and more useful than ever to follow companies using our service.  Now, you can simply click the "Follow" button, which looks like a "star".

Here, we tagged the company "spunk" as a "Big Data" company, a "Developer Tools" company, and we are "Following" it.

Then, you can sit back and let us do the tracking for you  :)

UPDATE:  We received really good feedback about this idea and so we launched two key features last week.  Now, on every company profile on DataFox, you can easily find buttons to “follow” that company on LinkedIn, AngelList, and Twitter.  Founders, tell your fans to visit your DataFox profile and click “follow, follow, follow”   :)


Similarly, in the footer of each profile, you can find links to that company’s profile on each of the major networks.  Now, there’s no longer any reason to “Google” a company in order to lookup their different profiles.  Just visit them on DataFox and we provide all the key outbound links for you!


Below is a screenshot of our company profiles (this one is Dropbox), and the new “follow” and “link” sections are annotated on left/bottom.



We are thinking of making it really easy for people to follow and support companies directly from our profile pages.

The idea is making it easy to connect with a company you admire in 3 simple clicks :)

The “Follow” buttons for DataFox are to the right —>

This is the kind of feature we love:  good for companies (because they can better connect with supporters), good for our data partners (ie LinkedIn, AngelList, Twitter), because they get more engagement on their platform, good for users (because they have the option to quickly follow companies that they care enough about to look the up on DataFox.

Tell us - what do you think?  Or better yet, follow us with the buttons - your votes will tell us that we should definitely build this into the product and make it easier to follow the companies you like  :)

Note: props to Hai at PriorityMatrix and StartX (who hosted the event) for this idea :)