Sales Ops + Marketing Ops: The New Power Couple

Sales Ops + Marketing Ops: The New Power Couple

Sales Ops + Marketing Ops: The New Power Couple

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July’s Sales Operations Meetup, Sales Ops + Marketing Ops: The New Power Couple, brought together two pairs of Sales and Marketing professionals from Brightfunnel and Chorus, to share how they work together to create a revenue operations machine.

The panelists included: VP of Marketing, Dayna Rothman, and VP of Sales Zach Kass, from Brightfunnel and Head of Marketing Kristen Malkovich and Head of Sales Rob Perez from


Here are the main takeaways from the discussion:

Getting Along Matters

The discussion kicked off with the panelists being asked to share something they liked about each other. For each pair, complimenting each other was no challenge.

For the Brightfunnel pair, Kass commended Malkovich’s marketing prowess: “she’s the smartest marketer I’ve ever met.” Rothman appreciated Kass’ willingness to prioritize sales and marketing alignment.
For the pair, it was Kristin’s strong opinions and Rob’s enthusiasm and focus that made their team work.

Communication is Key To Creating a Revenue Ops Powerhouse

While each team approached the frequency of their communication slightly differently, both pairs emphasized the importance alignment.

“We are very much in each other's world,” said Rothman. “We think of ourselves as a revenue team; he’s involved in the marketing decisions and vice versa.”

How They’ve Settled the MQL and SQL Debate

While drawing the line between an MQL and an SQL can illicit a debate, both pairs were in sync in their definitions.

At Brightfunnel, an MQL is defined using lead scoring in Marketo, whereas an SQL means an SDR has set a meeting.

At however, because they align around an account score and have a tiered database, they already have visibility into whether the lead is qualified. For them, an MQL and SQL are actually the same thing.

Ultimately, whether it’s an SQL or MQL matters less than overall opportunity creation and pipeline generation.

What do they agree to disagree on?

For Malkovich and Perez it all came down to “who is emailing and when.” Their philosophical disagreement is one that resonates with every sales and marketing organization; is it better to take a tactical, personalized approach, or take a more traditional outbound approach and reach a wider audience?

When it came to settling this debate, Malkovich plans wait for the numbers: “we’ll look at the numbers and see who who wins.”

While the audience laughed, Kass tried to read between the lines:

“It sounds like you’re agreeing to wait to show him you’re right.”


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