Power Search: Find and Rank Leads in Minutes

Power Search: Find and Rank Leads in Minutes


Are you using Google to search for companies within a sector?

We used to work on Wall Street. We had $20,000 Bloomberg terminals, but we used Google Search to uncover all the companies in a sector, saving those companies in Excel with the sparring data we could find: headcount, address, website, leadership, etc. This didn't work... We had to read dozens of news articles to find one data point, our spreadsheets grew stale immediately, and we always missed a bunch of companies.

Enter DataFox: 71,000 sectors, searchable in seconds

DataFox makes it effortless to uncover all the companies in a space. Our algorithms search the web 24/7 for sector keywords used to describe companies. We've found 71,000 sectors so far (growing daily)... So whether you're looking for "marketing automation software", "drones", or just "software", DataFox gives you the complete list of leads.

60 seconds to create your first Watchlist:

Just follow these steps to seamlessly create your first Watchlist and start receiving alerts and real-time insights such as: who raised capital, who are the most active investors, what are the major cities represented, what new competitors are entering the space? You'll never miss another company.

(1) Search for any sector: from "software" (44,911 companies) to "marketing automation software" (266 companies)


(2) Apply filters: headcount, private/public, funding, age, and more...


(3) Create a Watchlist to track and compare leads


(4) Voila! Summary stats calculated in 3 seconds, and you'll start receiving important alerts


(5) Organize your Watchlists - keep track of all the sectors you care about



Hopefully that was helpful! If you create any interesting Watchlists you're willing to share, please send them our way! We'd love to collaborate on research reports and white papers covering sectors you're knowledgeable on.

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