America’s 2013 Company Power Rankings

America’s 2013 Company Power Rankings

We all love rankings. We rank our schools, sports teams, restaurants, airlines, and TV shows. So why are there not great / professional websites that rank companies? For almost a year (after graduating from Stanford) we’ve been developing complex algorithms to score and rank America’s private and public companies based on leading indicators of growth. Below you’ll find some of the company clusters that we found particularly interesting. For the complete rankings, and to slice and dice our data to your heart’s content, sign up for a 30 day trial here.


We all interact with so many companies on a daily basis - our goal is to help firms, organizations and individuals make better decisions when it comes to investing, advising, procurement, sales, marketing, or even job-seeking.

The rankings below show an overall letter score (e.g. “A+”), which is a composite of the metrics described in our Methodology later in this post. The Human Resource score (e.g. “92/100”) is sub-score quantifying the company’s quality from a people perspective.


Andreessen Horowitz - Top 5

DataFox Andreessen Horowitz Top 5

Sequoia - Top 5

DataFox Sequoia Top 5

Goldman Sachs Tech Portfolio - Top 5

DataFox Goldman Sachs Tech Top 5

Tiger Global - Top 5

DataFox Tiger Global Top 5


Advertising - Top 5

DataFox Advertising Top 5

Big Data - Top 5

DataFox Big Data Top 5

Crowdfunding - Top 5

DataFox Crowdfunding Top 5

EdTech (private companies) - Top 5

DataFox Education Top 5

Enterprise (private companies) - Top 5

DataFox Enterprise (private) Top 5

FinTech - Top 5

DataFox FinTech Top 5


Dividend Stocks - Top 5

DataFox Dividend Stocks Top 5

Stanford Business School Alumni - Top 5

DataFox Stanford GSB Top 5

2014 IPO Candidates - Top 5

DataFox IPO Candidates 2014 Top 5

Young and Fast (Founded after 2009, >50 people) - Top 5

DataFox Young Companies Top 5

To view other sub-scores, including finance, marketing, web metrics, etc, click through to any of the rankings below. You may have to Sign In to DataFox before clicking on the links.

Our Methodology

Different companies are different… we’re collecting a “long-tail” of data, because no single metric is applicable to every company in our database of ~200,000 firms. Our algorithms rely heavily on clustering; we calculate the similarity between businesses and use that to dictate the metrics that are the best heuristics for growth and success. A consumer web business might benefit from exponential growth in Twitter activity, while an enterprise business’ success is driven more by product releases and their perceived quality. Here’s a sample of the types of metrics we take into account:

  • Hiring: speed, disciplines, pedigree
  • Retention rate
  • Founder pedigree
  • Board quality
  • Physical footprint
  • Investor quality
  • Funding amount
  • Runway estimate
  • Customer announcements
  • Social media traction
  • Web metrics
  • ... and much more ...

Just as opinions are divided as to whether LeBron is currently the NBA’s #1 player, we don’t expect everyone to agree with our company rankings. We try to be transparent in our criteria and give our subscribers great flexibility to stress-test, flex with, and export our data for their own consumption and further analysis. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Which companies deserve to be in these elite clusters?

The DataFox Team