Personalize Your Email Prospecting (Haven't We Already Talked About This?)

Personalize Your Email Prospecting (Haven't We Already Talked About This?)

Personalize Your Email Prospecting (Haven't We Already Talked About This?)

Everyone has received it – the generic, thoughtless (and often plagued with wrong information) mass sales email. In an effort to reach the widest audience possible, many sales teams sacrifice quality for quantity.

Why is this relic still used so heavily in marketing and sales campaigns? In short, because email is cheap and effective – email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent. It is also incredibly easy. With software designed specifically for sending massive campaigns, sales teams can send batches of emails that automatically insert basic information. This enables sales teams to reach a wide audience daily with little to no effort put into researching the company or the individual.

Is casting this wide net increasing brand awareness, or is it just turning potential customers off?

Overwhelmingly, the research into consumer trends points to the latter. A recent study from the Aimia Institute showed that consumers are more likely to permanently disengage from over-exposure to mass, generic email campaigns. Millennials specifically, the Aimia Institute found, are the generation most likely to permanently disengage.

For B2B sales teams, this translates to alienated prospects and missed engagement opportunities.

So, what do these “spray and pray” emails look like?


This email does not present personalized content and doesn’t offer any value custom to our needs. Mindless emails are creating noise for your customers and awareness of your brand does not mean action.

Not only are these email blasts annoying to consumers, they carry real risk. Your domain - yes your entire company’s domain, in addition to your individual email account - can be blacklisted if it has been flagged as spam too many times. You can also damage your brand’s perception. While this risk is not as easily quantifiable, research from the Harvard Business Review indicated that a bad reputation can cost a company at least 10% more per hire. They also have difficulty with recruiting talent — only 28% of respondents would be motivated by that increased compensation to join companies they perceived as having a bad reputation.

As generic, thoughtless emails wear out their welcome, how long until your prospects have entirely run out of patience for mass email campaigns?

Avoid Disengagement Using Actionable Content

How do you avoid this disengagement? The solution is personalized emails that include relevant information or speak to your customer’s pain points – at scale. Company signals pertinent to prospects you are following — ranging from upcoming conference attendance to recent partnerships — allow you to efficiently conduct company research and spend the time you saved on more attentive communication.

Once geared with this information, you can open a much more personal dialogue with your prospect and send emails like this:


This email demonstrates a value (eliminating wasted time) and showcases the rep’s understanding of the company’s needs. By using company signals — such as conference attendees and hires — it is clear that he has done his research, and it works! Personalized emails have been shown to increase your open and read-through rate.

At DataFox, we have seen a 34% increase in our email responses … but don’t just take our word for it - what’s the best prospecting email you’ve received in the last week?