Our New Favorite Sales Tools: A Look into the CloserIQ Sales Stack

Our New Favorite Sales Tools: A Look into the CloserIQ Sales Stack

Our New Favorite Sales Tools: A Look into the CloserIQ Sales Stack

The right sales tools can help your team save time and close more deals. There are a lot of great options out there, but choosing tools that are easy to use and affordable is surprisingly difficult.

At CloserIQ, we're building a technology-enabled sales recruiting service. Given our complex workflow and customization needs, we elected for building our own vertically integrated CRM, marketing automation and sales acceleration tools.

While our core sales stack is built in-house, we still found ourselves utilizing a few 3rd party tools that were extremely valuable in our sales process.


In a nutshell: Schedule client meetings, track emails, and send later.

Mixmax is a productivity suite for sales. Tracking opens, clicks and downloads, booking meetings, creating templates and automating outreach are all features of this great product. The free version is generous with what they offer and the clean, intuitive design gives it a great polish. Our favorite feature is how easy it is to send calendar availability.


In a nutshell: Manage documents and create templates for those you use often.

Cudasign is a document management app - it makes it easy to create templates for commonly used documents so you don’t have to keep re-creating all the merge variables. It has a nice freemium design that does the job well with the $1 per user per month plan. Simple and smart, its design is just as useful as its features.


In a nutshell: A scheduling app that consolidates all calendars for users.

Calendly makes sure you’re never double-booked. The premium version connects with Google Calendar and Office to provide real-time availability for clients. They pick what time works best for them and boom - you’re scheduled. The premium plan is only $8 per month and allows personalization and team collaboration features like pooled availability (ex. round-robin).


In a nutshell: Find prospect’s work emails quickly.

VoilaNorbert makes it easy to find prospect’s email addresses - it’s the Google for finding emails. The free version is easy to use and great for one-off queries. The premium version has an API for those that want to automate email guessing into their process, along with responsive customer support.

TextExpander (Mac) / PhraseExpander (PC)

In a nutshell: Save time by auto-populating text based on codewords.

This nifty tool allows you to auto-populate an email by typing a simple keyword. For instance, if you wanted to insert a standard introduction in a cold email, you could just type “ColdPitchIntro.” As soon as you type that, your pre-written text automatically pops up. It’s an easy way create consistent messaging and save time when sending emails to prospects.

These tools are designed to save time and money in your sales process, while helping close deals at the same time. Check them out and see if they can help you in your sales process!

Jordan Wan is the Founder/CEO of CloserIQ, the sales recruiting platform connecting top sales talent to tech companies. Previously, he was the Head of Analytics at PayPerks, Sales Manager at ZocDoc and Trading Strategist at Bridgewater Associates.