No More Thoughtless Sales Emails (Please!)

No More Thoughtless Sales Emails (Please!)

No More Thoughtless Sales Emails (Please!)

There’s an old trade-off in the new business world: quantity versus quality. With the rise of digital communication, it’s easier than ever to contact your next customer, partner, investor, reporter, or recruit, and to do so en masse.

That’s why everyone’s getting more phone calls and emails than ever - many businesses are choosing quantity over quality. What consumers realized a long time ago, businesses are just starting to pick up on: canned emails are a thing of the past.

No more thoughtless sales emails

If you’re reading this, you’re either (a) a forward-thinking sales rep, (b) a forward-thinking marketer, (c) a forward-thinking investor, or (d) a well-prepared interview candidate.

You recognize that sales and marketing automation have empowered lazy reps and marketers the same way they’re empowering great business people like you, and that frustrates you. Mindless mass selling and marketing is creating noise for your future customers.

Like us, you’re probably frustrated when you see or receive canned, thoughtless emails or phone calls. Every day we’re on the receiving end of emails like this:
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.56.00 AM

The only thing worse than an email like that is an unwanted follow up 7 days later:
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.56.09 AM

Just like us, buyers, recruits, press, and any other recipients of emails like this can see when someone hasn’t done their homework. The problem for the guilty company doesn’t stop at the lack of a response, it can actually hurt their brand and how the company is perceived.

That’s why at DataFox we have a rule:

No outreach without research, no follow-up without reason.
That mantra can make it difficult to stay competitive if it takes 15-20 minutes of research to prepare for every call or email. That’s why at DataFox we’re constantly scouring millions of websites, blog posts, tweets and press releases, for the “Sales Triggers” that make a company a good prospect for you to reach out to.

Patrice could have emailed me something like this:

Hi Bastiaan,

I checked out your recent webinar about data-driven sales - thanks for sharing those great tips. I’m glad it’s a priority for you to build out a strong content marketing strategy, because I’ve personally found it to be a highly effective way to boost inbound leads.

That’s actually why I’m reaching out - I work for a company that helps plan and measure the effectiveness of content marketing initiatives. Would you be available for a quick call where I can share a few more tips?

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.56.19 AM



And if she doesn’t hear back from me within a few days, she can follow up with:

Hi Bastiaan,

I see you’re sponsoring and attending SaaStr next week. I’ll be there as well, would it be cool if I swung by your booth to say hello? I’ll be handing out a content marketing “best practices guide” that might make for good weekend reading.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.56.23 AM



Sound like a lot of work? Sure, last year this email would’ve taken me hours. But today, those sales triggers took me 5 seconds to look up, and I put the little bit of thought into my email that my prospect deserved.

Everyone wins

If I sound passionate about this stuff, it’s because I am!

With modern technology, CRM integrations and APIs, sales & marketing teams large and small can win with consultative selling.

  • Sales reps win because they hit their quota faster.
  • Businesses win because they’re perceived professionally and growing their customer base with focus and rigor.
  • Consumers and buyers win because they’re getting emails from companies whose products they’re likely to actually need.

DataFox makes sales conversations personal - at scale

We’re tired of reading thoughtless cold emails, and we’re tired of sending them. Everyone on our sales team uses DataFox’s triggers to start genuine, human-to-human conversations that lead to good discussions and better customers. And it’s working: customers have seen a 34% lift in engagement with our tools. Ready to give us a shot? Sign up for a free trial and start selling better today.

PS: Do you have tips for truly personalized selling? I’d love to hear them! @bastiaanjanmaat.

PPS: Passionate about selling done right? See what it’s like to work here at