New From DataFox: The Future of Sales

New From DataFox: The Future of Sales

We founded DataFox in 2013 to help investment firms find & track high-growth technology companies. Today, thanks to a powerful new Salesforce integration and a few other killer features, we’re excited to launch DataFox for Sales.

Drinking our own champagne

We always knew our proprietary methods of capturing critical insights about fast-growing businesses and their milestones would prove valuable to companies looking to find their next customer. We just didn’t think we’d get there this quickly. Our "a-ha" moment came when we noticed big B2B organizations using us for sales - without our prompting. Box, Twilio, and InsightSquared were ahead of the curve in using DataFox to find more great customers.

We then watched closely how our own sales team was using DataFox to...sell DataFox. Like our own customers, we were seeing higher responses rates while spending way less time on pre-call research. We realized sales teams could do even better with a tool made with sales reps’ needs in mind: contact information, effortless account and contact creation in Salesforce.

So we built DataFox for Sales, filling the gaps to produce an end-to-end process that slots right into where our users already work: Salesforce.

Now, B2B sales teams (like our own) sell into the right prospects with the right message at exactly the right time without having to log into another point solution.

Salespeople are sick of point solutions

The problem with today’s sales tech stack is that it’s just that - an entire stack of point solutions. One provides company data, another provides contact information, and yet another scores your leads. If you’re a busy sales rep, you don’t want to log in to another tool or window - you probably have 12 open already.

DataFox fits seamlessly into the apps you already use. Smart and tech-savvy sales reps had their own unique ways of stitching together a 9-tool Frankenstein to do their job - we unified it all in one place so they don’t have to do this anymore:


DataFox Sales Pipeline
  • Find net new opportunities in your territory? Check.
  • Research and prioritize companies to reach out to first? Check.
  • One-click add those accounts to Salesforce? Check.
  • Identify decision makers along with their contact info and add them to Salesforce in one click, too? Check.
  • Alert you when prospects hit milestones so you know what to say and when to reach out? Check!
Without opening any new tabs or other tools, DataFox serves you your highest-potential prospects, who to call, what to tell them, and when to reach out - all on a silver platter.

API & integrations

For the data wizards out there, we’re also launching our API. Alongside our Chrome Extension and Google Sheets integration, we’re hoping anyone can now use DataFox to find their next customer, partner, or investment opportunity.

We’re committed to making DataFox available wherever you work. Let us know what integrations you’d like us to add next!

To learn more and start a 14-day trial (no CC required), please visit

And if you want to see DataFox in action, check out our overview video!