How to Navigate a Conference Like a Pro

How to Navigate a Conference Like a Pro

Heading to an upcoming conference? Let DataFox eliminate the grunt work of work selecting, prioritizing, and prepping for your next conference with Conference Explorer. It's the prospecting tool for you to identify which conferences to attend and gather intelligence on which companies to target.

Conference Explorer, in short, allows you to navigate your next conference like a pro by:

  • Searching upcoming conferences by company, sector, date, and location;
  • Knowing how many of your prospects will be at any given conference and receiving notifications when they are attending; and
  • Gathering intelligence and segmenting conference participants with company profiles including 30+ data points, as well as a real-time news feed.

The Old Way

  1. Scrape the conference website for attendees, sponsors, and speakers.
  2. Import the attendees to a spreadsheet and clean up the data.
  3. Google info about the attendees, add notes about each company, and segment by company data points to identify your prime targets.
  4. Print out your deck of prime targets and watch it go to waste in the bottom of your bag.
The Old Way might take you (or your associate) 10-15 Hours depending on the size of the conference. And if you go to 3-4 conferences per year, that's nearly a week of lost work devoted to creating decks of static and stale info. Why waste all that time when DataFox can do the work for you?

The New Way

If you have a DataFox account, login here and use this guide for selecting and prepping for conferences.

1. Go to and search by conference name and location.

If you can't find a conference in Conference Explorer, request the conference here. We'll turnaround the conference list of speakers, sponsors, and/or exhibitors in 24-48 hours and email you when it's ready.

2. Select a list on the conference page to see the companies attending the conference

3. Drill down to company profiles to see company news, team, competitors, and headcount trends.

4. Signup for a free trial account to unlock data filters to segment your companies by financing, headcount, and 30+ other company data points 

After signing up for a trial, you'll not only have access to all of DataFox's lead intelligence features but also the ability to search for conferences by company, keyword, location, and date. And you can setup notifications to alert you when a company is attending an upcoming conference. Learn more here.

5. Download the DataFox mobile app and navigate the conference like a pro as all your lists, companies, and notes sync between the mobile and web app.

Download the DataFox mobile app here.