4 Ways to Nail Sales Prospecting Companies with DataFox

4 Ways to Nail Sales Prospecting Companies with DataFox

The key to sales prospecting isn't just the number of companies you find - a good sales development representative is able to find prospects with a high chance of conversion, nail the pitch, and do so in the least amount of time. Our team of Salesforce veterans were sick of having to spend countless hours searching Google and trawling through LinkedIn to prospect companies, so we built DataFox automate prospecting.

Here are three ways to use DataFox's similar companies engine and natural language processing technology to find companies that meet your criteria and build a prospect list in seconds.

  1. Find companies similar to your current accounts or prospects
  2. Use a pre-built list like conference exhibitors, sector landscapes, or public lists like the Inc. 5000
  3. Source companies based on your criteria like keywords, fundings, and location
  4. Screen conferences for targets and prioritize who to connect with

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Find similar companies

With the DataFox Similar Company search, you can start with one company (for example, a current customer) and build a list of similar companies. Let's say that you've had a lot of success selling to AppDynamics, and want to find more Bay Area enterprise software companies with at least 100 employees. With just a search, two clicks and some filtering, you can easily build a robust list of related companies - and quickly find contact information for your new prospects. Become a strategic sales rep by finding relevant prospects and simplifying your pre-call research.

DataFox identifies similar companies based on a variety of factors including keyword similarity, participating in the same conference, and news articles where companies are mentioned together. We take the guesswork out of finding competitors and similar companies to help you build the most comprehensive prospect lists possible.

Use a pre-built list

DataFox has more than 9,000 pre-made lists available to all users. These lists can range from event attendees to sector landscapes to major rankings. For example: Search through our public lists section to find the ones most relevant to your targets. Use filters to display only lists that include a certain company or investor, industry keywords, and location. Whether you're looking for a list of New York-based marketing companies or want to see who's speaking at a conference you're attending, DataFox's pre-made lists can help you make and prioritize your prospecting list. Prebuilt list

Source companies based on your criteria

If you know exactly want, let us find the companies that match your criteria. Whether you're looking for a given geographic area, keyword or sector, headcount or one of our other 30+ data points, you can simply input your parameters in our Company Search tab to see all matches.

You can also save your search to be notified when new companies meet your criteria, or when one of the companies is in the news, hits a major milestone like a newly closed funding round, or is going to a conference.

Screen conferences for targets

In-person meetings are still incredibly valuable for closing deals, and conferences are the most efficient way to schedule face time with prospective customers. Whether you're deciding if a conference is worth your time, want to prioritize whom to meet with, or are using speaker lists to augment your targets, DataFox can deliver hours' worth of research in just a few clicks.

Our database includes over 1,500 conferences, and it's constantly growing. We put speaker/exhibitor profiles, company information, and even contact information all in the same place to make your conference trips as effective as possible.


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