Miovision To Engineer Foundations of Smart Cities with Recently Raised $24 Million

Miovision To Engineer Foundations of Smart Cities with Recently Raised $24 Million

Miovision, an Internet of things company, announced a $24 million ($30M CAD) funding round led by MacKinnon, Bennett & Co this week. The Ontario-based company says it plans to use the new capital to “expand its team and accelerate its vision of smart cities and cloud-based traffic management technology.

Miovision’s plan is to engineer the foundations of smart cities by modernizing transportation networks and bringing outdated city infrastructure into the 21st century

Miovision and 6 Companies Laying Down the Foundation for Smart City Solutions

At DataFox, we compile and curate lists of companies across sectors, regions, and industries (e.g., Companies Collecting data for Smarter Cities). Below are featured Miovision and 6 other private companies installing devices and creating methods to control traffic and make modern cities smarter  through video surveillance, high-tech hardware and Artificially Intelligent Software:

Miovision empowers transportation professionals, through data and infrastructure, to improve the transportation experience. With over 500 customers in 50 countries across the world, Miovision provides meaningful solutions to real challenges facing today’s traffic systems.

INRIX, Inc. offers real-time, historical, and predictive traffic information solutions. INRIX offers multiple information services, such as INRIX Connected Services, a suite of content services providing navigation OEMs and location-based service application developers with private label and go-to-market solutions for in-vehicle, PND, wireless phone, and other connected devices.

  • DataFox Score: 1059
  • Location: Kirkland, WA
  • Total Funding: $143 million
  • Recent Funding: $10 million in November 2014
  • Investors: Intel Capital

Quantenna delivers seamless multimedia video and data anywhere indoors and outdoors through ultra-high-performance 802.11ac and 802.11n Wi-Fi semiconductor solutions, establishing benchmarks for speed, range, efficiency and reliability.

Waze is a social traffic and navigation app using a community of drivers sharing real-time road info. By driving around with Waze open, users contribute traffic and other road data, and can share road reports on accidents, police traps, or any other hazards.

  • DataFox Score: 1061
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Total Funding: Acquired by Google for $996 million

Placemeter is a platform that senses and unlocks massive amounts of data about activity in physical places. Through the use of proprietary and crowdsourced sensors combined with large real-time data feeds and computer vision algorithms, Placemeter indexes the physical world in real time and make it accessible to users, businesses and cities.

SmartDrive is an innovator in fuel management and driver safety. SmartDrive gives fleets and drivers unprecedented driving performance insight and analysis, helping save fuel, expenses, and lives. SmartDrive's video analysis, predictive analytics and personalized performance program help fleets improve driving skills, lower operating costs and deliver significant ROI.

Sensorist is a Danish company designing and producing a range of small hardware devices collecting measurements about users' local environments. The data is collected in the cloud and can be visualized either in an App or on the web.

  • Location: Copenhagen, Hovedstaden DNK
  • Total Funding: Unknown
  • Recent Funding: Unknown in January 2013
  • Investors: SEED Capital

Quarter-Over-Quarter Funding

DataFox assists investors, analysts, and other users in discovering new trends through DataFox's visualization tools. Below is a graph of funding rounds by fiscal quarters for the 7 aforementioned companies. The Quarter-Over-Quarter Funding graph shows that there were multiple deals in Q3 2014, involving INRIX, Quantenna, and Placemeter for a total of $87.16 million.

Investor Co-Occurrence

DataFox assists investors, analysts, and other users in discovering new trends through DataFox's visualization tools. Below is a graph of investor co-occurrence between the aforementioned 7 companies that are indexing the physical environment. The investor co-occurrence graph shows that MacKinnon, Bennett participated in the $24 million funding round for Miovision, along with  Comerica Bank, Plaza Ventures, Renewal Funds and Investeco Capital