Key Questions Every Operations Leader Should Ask At Ops Stars

Key Questions Every Operations Leader Should Ask At Ops Stars

Key Questions Every Operations Leader Should Ask At Ops Stars

Ops Stars is a unique opportunity to surround yourself with dedicated operations leaders in sales, marketing, and revenue functions. With multiple keynote presentations, 40+ panel sessions, and even more workshops, you won't want to miss the chance to network with your peers and learn from the best in the industry.


The two-day event takes place in San Francisco during Dreamforce and offers a jam-packed schedule covering all the latest trends in the B2B world. Want to learn about integrated tech stacks? ABM? Scaling operations? Whether you're in sales ops, marketing ops, or revenue ops, be purposeful about your learnings and come with a clear plan of action. To get the momentum going, we've compiled key questions every operations leader should ask, and suggested some sessions where you can learn from leaders impacting change in their field.

1. How Can I Operationalize Data To Drive Growth?

To drive growth, you need to readily boost your sales team's ability to take a prospect from lead to close. Anything that obstructs this process is ultimately hurting your bottom line. Data silos within your organization are likely causing friction between teams - learn how to break them down and make data work FOR you, not against you.

Keynote: Data-Fueled Deal Engines: How The Best Revenue Teams Use Data to Save Time and Drive Bigger Deals

CRM in 2019 is still broken; you need your CRM to work for you and not the other way around. If you're still doing manual account selection and territory balancing, you're going to get left behind. Learn how dynamic teams future-proof their data infrastructure, automate the discovery of ever-growing addressable markets, and align ABM and prospecting efforts.

Session: Sales Operations Guide to Territory Carving & Management

As sales organizations scale, they often shift from a "wild west" prospecting model to specified territories. Today, many sales organizations are outgrowing the classic geographical approach in favor of distributing accounts based on quality, not just quantity. Kevin Vanes, VP of Sales at Sigstr, has recently tackled a territory planning project and will share how he equalized the sales playing field by measuring account quality at scale.

2. What Do I Need to Prioritize NOW To Get Ahead In 2019?

With end-of-year priorities already in mind, it's time to set goals for next year and begin planning with your team. From pipeline optimization to tech stack strategy, discover what projects are worth tackling now to stay ahead of your competition. Think about the order of operations for new tasks, and learn what leaders are currently prioritizing. Then, align your strategic initiatives with successful execution to blow out your 2019 goals.

Session: 2019 is A Quarter Away. How to Avoid Chaos During Forecasting & Planning Season

We're 3 months away from the holidays! End-of-year projects, such as 2018 reporting & analytics, territory planning, CRM cleaning, and 2019 forecasting, are all critical to properly wrap Q4. Learn from a panel of sales operations leaders on how they determine which projects to tackle and when to set your team up for success in 2019.

Session: How to Build A Data Stack To Fit Your Strategy

Got your go-to-market strategy set? You'll need to plan a data strategy accordingly - your tech stack will only be as good as the data feeding into it. This mix of operations experts will cover how they built a quality data infrastructure in their CRM through providers focused on company data, hierarchy intelligence, auto-refreshing data, and automated account routing.

3. How Can I Scale Operational Processes to Achieve Revenue Efficiency?

Revenue efficiency will always be a primary goal for your top executives - but it's a shared responsibility. Amongst sales, marketing, and revenue teams, there's always an incentive to streamline workflows and eliminate time spent on unqualified prospects. Learn how to automate and work at scale by leveraging operational processes designed for revenue efficiency.

Session: How to Scale An Outbound Prospecting Strategy Using Real Time Signals

Your competitors know immediately when a target opens a new office, hires a C-level executive, or reaches a new stage of growth. Is your sales team exercising a data-driven approach to outbound sales? Panelists will discuss leveraging both firmographic information and company growth signals to ensure they are reaching out to buyers at the right time.

Session: The Evolution of Revenue Ops & Where It's Headed

Is Revenue Operations just a new word for Sales Operations? The short answer is no. Join an expert rev ops panel to learn how they develop growth strategy by operationalizing the sales, marketing, customer success, and finance functions of their companies. Each panelist will explain their primary responsibilities in scaling a business, and give career advice for up-and-coming revenue operations professionals.

There's a wealth of information available at Ops Stars - as a free event, we encourage you to register and take the opportunity to engage with your peers.