Jason Lemkin: How Have We Done? Where are We Going? Why are We Here?

Jason Lemkin: How Have We Done? Where are We Going? Why are We Here?

Over the next three days, DataFox will summarize the SaaStr 2016 panels. If you miss the tactical theater or strategy stage, are networking on the ground, or didn’t get a chance to attend this great conference, we’ve got you covered.

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Special thanks to Jason Lemkin of SaaStr for putting on this conference and giving us the chance to publish these summaries.

How have we done? Where are we going? Why are we here?

SaaStr 2016 opening remarks from Jason Lemkin, founder and advisor of SaaStr

In a nutshell:

  • Founders and executives in SaaS has a lot in common: they work cross-functionally, deal with many of the same challenges, and can learn from each other’s mistakes. Everyone, from your most direct competitors to completely unrelated businesses, offers valuable lessons.
  • The SaaStr community is growing strong, with 3x membership growth last year, as well as 20 million Quora views and 3 million blog views each month.
  • SaaStr aims to be the largest global community for SaaS executives, founders and founders-to-be.

SaaStr Annual and beyond

The SaaS community has a certain kinship that comes from facing similar challenges, interacting with similar types of stakeholders and nerding out over the same SaaS topics. At a VIP dinner last night, the same themes kept coming up: fighting net-negative churn, small-medium enterprises, customer-facing events and so on. And even though many of the attendees were in the same verticals, the atmosphere wasn’t one of competition - it was one of collaboration and learning. It’s that atmosphere that drives SaaStr to become the leading global community of SaaS executives, founders, and future founders.

In practical terms, here’s what the SaaStr roadmap looks like:

  • There will be two main content channels: SaaStr Academy, which provides are more generalized version; and SaaStr Pro, which will tailors the content you see based on where you are in ARR.
  • SaaStr will be launching a co-selling space, hopefully with 10 to 20 teams.
  • SaaStr Jobs is in development, but delayed.
  • SaaStr podcasts are launching today, augmenting their existing AMAs, video interviews and more.
Overall, expect more great content from SaaStr: more case studies, more interviews with CEOs, more everything.

Finally, the next three days will be filled with panels: Today (Tuesday) will be focused on scaling, tomorrow on turbulence (especially relevant given the recent dip in SaaS stocks) and Thursday on the journey of being a founder.

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