Investment in Cyanogen by Mr. Softy Signals Banter About Software Giant Positioning to Go Up Against Google's Android

Investment in Cyanogen by Mr. Softy Signals Banter About Software Giant Positioning to Go Up Against Google's Android

Cyanogen has raised what many have deemed to be a surprise amount of funding from Microsoft in the amount of $17 million. There has even been banter from observers who wonder aloud and in private if the move is Microsoft's way of getting ready to compete against Google's Android OS. No matter the reason for the funding, Cyanogen, whose CyanogenMod is the largest third party Android OS, is clearly better poised to remain a formidable player in the operating system space.

Two year-old Cyanogen is an Example of OS players Who Are Players in the Space Once Dominated by Google

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Cyanogen boasts having more than 55 million registered users across more than 200 devices. Its focus is on reimaging the mobile operating system giving power to the people to customize their mobile device and content experiences. Their operating system is built on Android and their main product is called Cyanogenmod. Although the rumor mill began to churn over Microsoft's investment and it being a step in it controlling the relatively new company, Cyanogen says it is committed to maintaining and managing the Cyanogenmod Android operating system.

  • DataFox Score: 978
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Total Funding: $107 million
  • Recent Funding: $17 million
  • Investors:  Microsoft
Appcelerator® helps companies solve for this new mobile reality: delivering native cross-platform apps at the speed of web, mobilizing any data source, and driving success with real-time analytics – all from an open, cloud- based platform. With the Appcelerator Platform, companies can eliminate point tools to scale mobile across the enterprise, drive innovation by unlocking backend data sources for new app capabilities, and measure the overall usage and success of the entire mobile app portfolio.
  • DataFox Score: 1098
  • Location: Mountain View, CA
  • Publicly traded
AppDynamics is the next generation application performance management & monitoring solution that simplifies the management of complex, business-critical apps. AppDynamics addresses slow performing apps. AppDynamics’ customers include DIRECTV, AMICA Insurance,, StubHub, Staples, Insight Technologies, and Cornell University.
  • DataFox Score: 1088
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Total Funding: $206.5 million
  • Recent Funding: $50 million in July 2014
  • Investors: Silicon Valley Bank
New Relic offers SaaS Software Analytics Platform that offers Application Performance Management and Real User Monitoring for Cloud and Data Center deployed web applications implemented in Ruby, Java, .NET, Python, PHP, Node.js. New Relic also offers mobile monitoring solutions for iOS and Android applications.
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  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Public
Xamarin's mission is to make it fast, easy and fun to build great mobile apps by providing the best software development tools in the world, including Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Test Cloud, and Xamarin Insights. Its platform enables businesses to reach all major devices—iOS, Android, Mac and Windows—with 100% fully native apps from a single code base. Xamarin is used by more than 700,000 developers from more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, with customers in 120 countries including Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, Dow Jones, Schindler, McKesson, Halliburton, Cognizant, GitHub, Rdio and WebMD, to accelerate the creation of mission-critical consumer and enterprise apps. Zoho offers a suite of Business, Collaboration & Productivity applications. Apps include CRM, Customer Support, Office Suite, Email Hosting, Project Management, Accounting, App Creator among many others. Zoho's parent company is Zoho Corp (previously AdventNet), "a software company started in 1996 focusing on building quality and affordable software for businesses." Zoho's main competitors are Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Salesforce as well as Microsoft Office.
  • DataFox Score: 1028
  • Location: Pleasanton, NY
  • Total Funding: not available
CopperEgg services assist with AWS cloud servers (EC2), websites, web applications, and services to optimize performance and troubleshoot issues in a single pane of glass. The CopperEgg unified dashboard updates every few seconds (not minutes) and reveals details that help uncover previously hidden information, like CPU Steal, and resolve problems before they arise.
  • DataFox Score: 971
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Acquired by Idera in 2013