How to Do Your Pre-Call Research in Under 3 Minutes (and Still Close Deals)

How to Do Your Pre-Call Research in Under 3 Minutes (and Still Close Deals)

How to Do Your Pre-Call Research in Under 3 Minutes (and Still Close Deals)

Pre-call research is the key to closing deals. With the amount of information available out there, prospects expect you to know their current job, their last job, when they started, where they went to college and exactly why you're calling now. But it can also be a time drain: research can take as much as 11 minutes each call. That's valuable time spent not calling more prospects - and truth be told, it's frustrating to spend your time trawling Google and LinkedIn rather than actually selling.

DataFox can cut your pre-call research time down to 3 minutes or less, while still empowering you to have personalized, meaningful conversations. Here's how.

Easy customer personas

DataFox's similar companies algorithm helps you identify related companies in sector, headcount and more - and filter by the ones that are in your company's Salesforce account. That way, before you start your call, you can quickly check if you've sold to related companies. That way, you can easily give a company profile to the you're about to reach out to.

Up-to-date information

Every hour, 240 business addresses change, 150 phone numbers go out of date and 40 CEOs leave their jobs. But with DataFox, you don't have to spend your time double-checking a business' information before your call. We constantly monitor thousands of news sources to keep your contacts up-to-date, and automatically update your CRM with the most recent information.

All your news in one place

Rather than checking LinkedIn, then Google, then aggregators like PR Newswire, get all your company news in one place. DataFox's company news tab includes relevant information and sales triggers, ranging from conference attendances to news mentions to company milestones like funding or a product launch. Here's an example for Marketo: Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.50.11 PM

DataFox can cut your pre-call research time from 11 minutes to just 3. That's less time researching, more time calling, and more time closing. Want to give us a try? Sign up for a free trial and start saving time today.