Helpful DataFox Links

Helpful DataFox Links

Questions & Answers

Key Features: what key functionality do I need to know about? Prospecting with company search, creating shared lists, and setting up your real-time events feed.

Company Search: how do I find the most relevant prospects? Check out the blog that goes over company search and creating a list from the company matches. You can also download the slides.

Featured Sector Lists: lists recommendations, which ones should I follow? We keep track of some of our favorite lists in a public spreadsheet -- you can download it here -- and bookmark the link, we regularly update it.

Investor Co-Occurrence: looks cool, what is it? Investor co-occurrence helps you uncover the most active investors in your space.


DataFox on TV

Bloomberg West: DataFox co-founder & CEO Bastiaan Janmaat discusses the origin of DataFox at Stanford and using big data to rank private companies.

CNBC Squawk Box: DataFox co-founder & CEO Bastiaan Janmaat discusses how DataFox is shaking up the world of finance by using big data to offer research to investors of all types and sizes at affordable prices.

Fox Business Risk and Reward: 'reformed banker' Bastiaan Janmaat compares his experience working at Goldman Sachs and the typical workflow of a Wall Street professional to what's made possible by using machine learning and natural language processing with a platform like DataFox.

TechCrunch Disrupt 2014: an overview of DataFox, offering predictive intelligence-as-a-service to enabling better investment decisions, and DataFox co-founder and CPO Mike Dorsey live on-stage at the TC Disrupt Battlefield (watch the full video).


Popular Posts on the DataFox Blog

Billion Dollar Startups: 59 private companies valued at over a billion dollars (download the slides).

The Inc 5000: Inc. Magazine's 2014 list of the fastest growing private companies in America (download the spreadsheet).

The Current State of Startups: AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant discusses the evolution of venture capital, startup financing environment, the role of accelerators, and what makes a great syndicate.

Networks. Unbundling. Smartphones. Fred Wilson’s Talk at LeWeb about the 3 Big Mega-Trends

The Future of Humanity: Elon Musk talks about the early days of PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX, and how all three companies almost collapsed.

Google is Buying All the Robots: a visual analysis of Google's robotic acquisition spree and what that means for their future (and ours)

The 50 Disruptive Companies of 2013: DataFox analysis on the MIT Technology Review's annual list

Tesla - Accelerating the Advent of Electric Cars: an in-depth look at the formation of Tesla and the leadership of Elon Musk to make them succeed

All We Need is a Singularity: video notes from Peter Thiel's talk at TEDx

Big Breakthrough Ideas and Courageous Entrepreneurs: video notes from Marc Andreessen's talk at Stanford