Hack B2B Sales: Prospect and Track by Geo, Sector, Headcount & Similar Companies

Hack B2B Sales: Prospect and Track by Geo, Sector, Headcount & Similar Companies

At Sales Hacker NYC 2015 April 30, 2015, leading sales teams will hear keynotes and presentations about the latest B2B prospecting tools and strategies. Our inside sales team customers love DataFox for prospecting new leads and building their ideal customer profile. With DataFox's powerful company search, sales teams can search for companies by sector, headcount, location, and similar companies (powered by our proprietary similar companies algorithm). And with DataFox's lists and saved searches, sales teams can track and act on their key opportunities with event alerts, next steps, and follow-up dates.

Use DataFox to learn which companies are speaking at Sales Hacker NYC 2015.

Search our Database of 600,000+ Companies by Geo, Sector, Headcount, and Similar Companies


Identify your Ideal Customer? Find Similar Companies Powered by our Proprietary Algorithm

Our Similar Companies Algorithm looks at the key attributes of a company (or a group of companies in a list) and suggests "similar companies" that fit your ideal customer profile. With an automatically generated list of companies, you won't waste hours of time running hundreds of searches on Google and LinkedIn looking for companies that fit your profile.


Add Your Target Companies to a List & Know When to Act with Event Alerts

When you add your companies to a list, you not only create an easy way to track and manage your opportunities but also have a personalized news feed powered by our News Event Detection Algorithm. Your list's news event feed will alert you when companies increase their headcount, hire new executives, release new products, and expand into new areas. And your news feed syncs across the web app and our iPhone app so that you can act on company developments while on the go.


Turbocharge your Sales Prospecting with DataFox

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