Google Ventures Backed - Boston Based

Google Ventures Backed - Boston Based

Google Ventures was busy in 2013. They made 75 new investments (that's 1 every 5 days), completed 10 exits, and brought their total to 225 portfolio companies. We can go on and on about their massive $258M investment in Uber (think of the “synergies!”) or the fact that they were the ones that led the AngelList round (from what seemed like a syndicate of the Forbes Midas 100). We can also reminisce on what life would be like if things just magically worked - at least in the way Silicon Valley intended them to.

But GV already did that in their “2013 in 80 Seconds” video (check it out!):

But that’s not what this post is about. We wanted to point out GV’s impact in Boston, where the firm has long been active.

  • 22 Investments

  • A few more undisclosed (still in stealth)

  • 4 Exits

Check out the DataFox Watchlist we created - each one is top notch.


HubSpot is on a mission to replace the world’s annoying, interruptive marketing with marketing that people love.” Can’t argue with that. They’ve also raised $131 million in venture funding to do it… Meaning GV will be needing a significant liquidity event for even a modest return (invested at the Series D). That said, the company is the industry leader - they said so themselves - and our algorithms indicated a similar assessment. Although just to be sure; we've confirmed with Google as well:


It will be interesting to see what happens with Signals; Hubspot’s startup within a startup.

The core feature of Signals is email tracking, which allows salespeople to see whether an email to a customer lead has been opened — as a way to help salespeople tailor their responses and timing.

Which looks like a direct competitor to Yesware - another GV portfolio company (and the author’s favorite). Yesware is also an email tracking service for B2B salespeople, and they’re also from Boston. Although I would like to point out that their "Total Addressable Market" is anyone that has ever sent an email before and was left unsure whether it had been opened or left unread. As someone who has done a fair share of cold emails the past few months (and wrote about it) Yesware has served and will continue to be an indispensable tool to have.

Overall the Boston’s startup ecosystem is certainly an exciting place to be. There is a lot of innovation happening in the Boston/Cambridge area, and the ecosystem is maturing... Pair that with the decreasing cost of starting a company, and suddenly the Harvard/MIT grads have a viable option without having to relocate to Silicon Valley.

On that note - interesting to see what those Google Ventures backed stealth startups are working on next.