Getting Started with DataFox - Big Data Applied to Private Companies

Getting Started with DataFox - Big Data Applied to Private Companies

DataFox Quick Start Guide

Check out these quick tips on using Datafox's powerful company search features and data-rich one-pagers.

You asked, we delivered. We’re very proud to release DataFox Beta. We’ve been hard at work incorporating feedback from the smartest folks in private equity, venture capital, investment banking, corporate development and many other integral links in the knowledge economy. Here’s a roadmap to help you navigate our powerful features...

1. DISCOVER: Winning Companies

Straight from our landing page, it’s easy to find a specific company:


Alternatively, head to COMPANY RANKINGS where you can use advanced search filters to create your own “lead list”.

Commonly used criteria include:

• Company Type: define the sector you’re most interested in.

Latest Round: filter by the latest round of received funding.

Employee Range: define company size by # of employees.

City, State: in case you are interested in a specific geography.

Investor Name: rather than piece a portfolio together from an investor’s website, just enter the firm’s name here.

Keyword: looking for “bitcoin” companies, search here.

Year Founded: looking for companies of a certain vintage

Latest Round Date: looking for companies that haven’t raised in a while, or attracted funding recently.

 DataFox Search
This advanced search will aggregate your own high quality list of candidate companies, narrowed down from a global database approaching 200,000:

DataFox Company List

2. DILIGENCE: Companies You’re Interested In

Now to dive deeper into a specific company…

Click on a name to see our DataFox TearSheet™ on the business. Our algorithms collect rich information from all over the web and combine this with proprietary and manual data layers. We then perform analytics to give you actionable insights around the companies’ fundraising, hiring trends, competitive landscape and key events.

Like a secret service agent you’ll have a one-pager or TearSheet with all the key intel you need on any company in our extensive database.

DataFox App

Our Related Companies algorithm represents a step-change in competitive insights. We don’t view competitiveness as a binary state. Rather, we want to uncover a list of all companies that are related to a business, and we provide an indication of % similarity to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

To get even deeper insights, FOLLOW the company by clicking the star and adding it to a watchlist, such as “Leads” or “Hot Prospects” or “NorCal Growth”, etc. This will help you stay organized and helps us keep you informed.

3. TRACK: Your Pipeline

DataFox Alerts Engine

Our newest feature is the DataFox Alerts Engine. Important events and key insights are now delivered straight to your inbox - so you always know the latest developments in the companies you follow, as they happen.

For any companies that you follow or add to a watchlist, we’ll do the monitoring from now on. Spike in web traffic? New CEO? Likely to raise? We’ll keep you posted via a daily, weekly or monthly email alert.

It's time to get started. You’ve seen how DataFox enables DISCOVERY, DILIGENCE and TRACKING of private companies. Now use it to your advantage!

Please send us your feedback so we can continue to iterate and improve our platform.

-The DataFox Team