5 Ways to Find Your Next Job Using the DataFox Company Search

5 Ways to Find Your Next Job Using the DataFox Company Search

5 Ways to Find Your Next Job Using the DataFox Company Search

Looking for a new job can be stressful, especially if you're still in college or an MBA program. How do you find companies in the right sector and location with high growth potential, while still casting a wide enough net to ensure you'll be employed somewhere? DataFox can help with your career search: you can find all the companies in a certain field or sector; sort by location, headcount, revenue and other criteria; search for an alumni connection and even see whether the company is on track for success. Here are five ways we can help you land the perfect job.

Build a list of target companies by sector and location.

Let's say you want to work at a solar energy company in California (tech startup in San Francisco or Boston, or a fintech company in Georgia, or a corporate strategy group in Western Europe). You can search DataFox's company database by keyword, location, headcount, funding stage and more, so you can build the perfect list of potential employers.

company search A sample DataFox company search

Analyze the companies you're interested in

DataFox's scoring algorithms can help you determine whether a company is financially stable, has an experienced management team or is likely to grow. Sort and filter by our five scores to see the best options:
  •  Growth Score: Is the company likely to experience headcount or revenue growth? This is important to consider if you're being offered equity, or if you want to gauge how easily you can move up the ranks.
  • Finance Score: What is the company's financial strength? Our algorithm tells you how the balance books are looking, and whether you can reasonably expect your employer to both stay above water, and to see financial gains.
  • Influence Score: How strong is the company's brand presence? By looking at web traffic, Twitter activity, media mentions and more, we tell you whether the company has a solid marketing effort in place.
  • HR Score: How qualified is the company's management team? We look at LinkedIn followers, executives' previous companies and universities, and more to determine the leadership team's strength. This is a key metric in your first few jobs out of college, when you want to learn from the best.
  • Overall Score: A composite of the previous scores to show the company's overall quality and outlook.

Check the portfolios of top-tier investors.

One common way to find quality prospective employers is to look at the portfolio companies of well-respected venture capitalists. For example, you can look at Sequoia Capital's investments, and then search for the industry, headcount, and stage that you want.

Look for portfolio companies that match your desired location or sector. Look for portfolio companies that match your desired location or sector.

Look for alumni connections.

It's easier to apply to a job where you already know an employee, or have some sort of connection. Use DataFox's "Top Schools" information to find companies whose executives went to your school. Use the shared connection to get in the door.

Search for companies whose executives went to Brown University Search for companies whose executives went to Brown University

Stay on top of your top companies and send the perfect cover letter.

One of the best ways to show you're engaged and on top of your target companies is to send a timely, relevant cover letter. For example:
  • I saw your CEO's interview in TechCrunch and thought her analysis of the drone industry was spot-on.
  • Congratulations on hiring a new sales director! If he plans to build out his team in the next few weeks, I'd love to be part of it.
  • I heard you'll be at Dreamforce later this month. I go to school nearby, and would love to grab coffee with you while you're there.
With DataFox, you can get automated, daily alerts whenever one of your tracked companies has a major milestone, such as a new hire, media mention, award, or plan to attend a conference. Use these alerts to write a compelling, timely cover letter.

Want free access to DataFox as a student? Ask your school administrator to email info@datafox.com for more information, or sign up for a 14-day trial today.