DataFox Featured Lists

DataFox Featured Lists

Lists are a core part of the DataFox experience. In this post we share our favorites and a downloadable spreadsheet that covers over 100+ sectors.

We've been using a spreadsheet internally to organize our favorite curated Lists, and shared it with some of our customers - much to their delight. In fact, customers are asking us to emulate this "feature" in the app. Although there's something about tracking things in a spreadsheet that just seems right, we do plan to deliver on this request in the future.

The spreadsheet covers more than 100 sectors/lists and you can download it here. It's regularly updated, so keep track of the link!

This post takes a more visual approach to explore some of our more interesting lists. Alex Wilhelm from TechCrunch described it as "Spotify playlists, but for corporations." In the context of this post, that's spot on.

A few quick notes:

  • Boxes tagged as "Sector Insights from DataFox" link to sectors we've covered on our blog. These posts are typically structured as: (i) analysis, (ii) screenshots, (iii) link to a complete list.
  • Others link directly to a DataFox list (login required).
  • You can access all the sector lists - and much more - with your free 30-day trial. Sign up here.