DataFox Walkthrough: Find the Next Unicorn

DataFox Walkthrough: Find the Next Unicorn


With our latest DataFox update, we're making it faster than ever to discover emerging companies poised for success - in any industry!

Here at DataFox, we are constantly refining and improving the platform's searching and screening capabilities to make finding the next great companies as easy and intuitive as possible. This blog post will walk through what a typical DataFox workflow might look like, step by step, and illustrate exactly how you can go about finding the next unicorn.

First, type in the sector you want to search for in the search box next to the DataFox logo. Today, I want to look at the analytics sector, and after typing in analytics, I can see several companies, lists I have made, sectors, locations, and even investors that match my query.



In this case, I want to see every company in the analytics sector on DataFox, so I go ahead and click on the analytics sector to search by sector.

DataFox will instantly present all of the companies involved in analytics to at least some degree, of all sizes, funding levels, locations and investors. As you can see, we are currently filtering by Sector: Analytics.


This basic search surfaces over 7,000 companies, many of which are only tangentially related to analytics. I want to narrow my search down considerably, and DataFox makes that incredibly easy with a comprehensive set of filters. By clicking on the blue More Filters button, I can filter by more advanced criteria.

In this case, I want to find companies that are small (<=10 people), are Pre-Series A, are recently founded and funded (2012-Present), are local (SF) so I can meet with the founders, and have received less than $10M in funding so far. In other words, I want to find early stage companies that have yet to receive VC attention, and hopefully in most cases, may present compelling investment opportunities. I have gone ahead and annotated the selected filters below.


Our search criteria narrowed the number of satisfactory companies down considerably, from over 7,000 to only 15, a much more manageable number of startups to investigate and explore for potential investment.

From here, I could easily explore the companies one by one, scrolling through and exploring their individual DataFox profile pages or I could instantly get a combined view of all 15 via DataFox's watchlist feature. By clicking on the blue Save And Compare button just below my filters, I can instantly save all of these companies to a Watchlist and get an overview of their metrics as a whole.


I can also instantly view and sort these companies by the comparison table tab, visualize different relationships with the Visualizations tab, or view time series data for LinkedIn Followers, Alexa Rank, Angelist Followers, and more with the Time Series tab.


Finally, I can make the list of companies I have found public to share with others by clicking the megaphone icon in the top right. If I want to change the default name of the list before publishing, I can just click the edit icon next to the List Name and change it to whatever I would like, in this case, I changed my list to 'Analytics Walk Through'.

As you can see, the DataFox platform makes it incredibly easy to surface companies in virtually any sector according to dozens of criteria instantaneously.

You can see the final list of companies in the public watchlist link below! Happy searching!

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