DataFox Trending Sectors: The Investment Idea Generation Machine

DataFox Trending Sectors: The Investment Idea Generation Machine

trending-sectors-header New sectors are emerging at lightning pace. DataFox quickly uncovers them.

This month Airbnb raised $450M in a round valuing the peer-to-peer accommodation “startup” at $10B. Few could have predicted that a few design students renting out air mattresses on their floor in 2008 would spurn a multi-billion dollar collaborative consumption industry so quickly.

How can we invest in rising sectors ahead of the curve?

Most investors, entrepreneurs, and analysts lack the resources and hours in a day to truly see the emergence of nascent technology sectors before it’s “priced-in.” DataFox is changing this. With algorithms mining the vast public web for indicators of traction and growth, our customers now receive Alerts and suggestions of companies and sectors on the rise.

The “Trending Sectors” Dashboard, a.k.a. the idea-generation machine

We’re proud to release our new “Trending Sectors” dashboard. Subscribers can now browse for investment ideas by seeing which sectors and groups of companies are trending, based on publicity, fundraising, hiring, and other growth heuristics.


We’ve also included a feed of “recently created” watchlists - sectors identified and published by our users. Hundreds of industry analysts, reporters, students, and consultants use DataFox to create and publish their watchlists (by default, every single watchlist is of course private to the owner).

Metadata on any Watchlist

For any sectors published by DataFox’s analysts, or for your private watchlists, DataFox now calculates - in < 2 seconds - metadata for that cluster:
  • Who are the most prolific investors in this cluster?
  • Which investors co-invested with each other most frequently?
  • Where are these companies located?
  • Which companies raised the most capital?
  • and much more…


“Follow” to Stay Up to Date

For any company or sector of interest, all you need to do to start becoming an expert, is to click the “Follow” button. Your customized weekly DataFox Alert will then include acquisitions or funding rounds pertaining to those companies and sectors. It’s the quickest and easiest way to leverage DataFox’s research service.


At DataFox we’re democratizing access to mission-critical company and sector insights, enabling you to uncover the next Airbnb before everyone else does.
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