DataFox Mobile: Lightning Fast Research from Your Home Screen

DataFox Mobile: Lightning Fast Research from Your Home Screen

DataFox Mobile

Our savviest users access DataFox from their smartphones.

You're getting out of your Uber, about to walk into a client's office, when suddenly it hits you - "what do these guys do again?" Perhaps you remember that they are the ____ for ____, but can you recall who their investors are or what their latest product release was? Who are their main competitors, and what's the name of your former classmate who works there?

Lookup a company on-the-go.

Next time you’re on-the-go, pull out your phone, and use DataFox to search for the company you’re about to meet with. On the company profile, you’ll find information about the company’s team, publicity, funding, hiring trends, competitors and more. Check out our step-by-step instructions below.

Follow a company with one-click to diligence later.

Assuming you’re in the flow of things, which our awesome users obviously are, it must happen all the time that you hear about a company that you want to remember to research later. So you send yourself an email or try to remember the company’s name (unsuccessfully).

From now on, just look up the company on DataFox, hit 'Follow' and you’re done. Next time you’re at your desktop, just open up your 'Following' list, and check out the companies you need to dive into.

1. Search

2. Click

3. Follow

Open the app and search. Start typing the company name.

Click to see profile. You don’t even need to type the full name, we know what you’re looking for.

Follow to bookmark. View the whole company profile or just hit 'Follow' to save for later research.

With Datafox, the uninformed meeting is a thing of the past.

Our site is fully mobile-responsive, meaning our site when accessed from Safari on your iPhone acts just like a native app. In fact, you can save DataFox to your home screen in 3 easy steps:

1. Login (Safari)

2. Save to Home

3. Done!

Login using Safari Use Safari from your iPhone or iPad to login to If you don’t have an account yet, start a free trial.

Save to Home Screen Once you’re signed in, click the 'share' icon and tap 'add to home screen'. This simulates installing DataFox as an app.

Access DataFox on-the-go! DataFox will now be saved as an icon, for quick-and-easy access on-the-go. Start by searching for a company your hear about and clicking 'follow' to make sure you don’t forget about it.

Contact us to let us know what functionality you’d like us to add to DataFox!

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