Announcing DataFox for Slack: Get Actionable, Real-Time Insights on Any Company

Announcing DataFox for Slack: Get Actionable, Real-Time Insights on Any Company

Announcing DataFox for Slack: Get Actionable, Real-Time Insights on Any Company

We live in Slack. Seriously. It’s where our marketers generate copy ideas, our engineers are notified of site issues, and our office manager lets us know that lunch is ready. And now, with DataFox for Slack, it’s where our sales team finds out instantly that an ideal customer raised a round of funding, a current prospect was in the news, or a high-priority account just hired a new executive. With that, we’re proud to announce the newest addition to the Slack app directory and DataFox integration family.

Please welcome DataFox for Slack -the perfect solution for getting actionable insights and real-time notifications.

Check it out!

Our journey to a Slack integration

DataFox’s platform is primarily used by sales and marketing teams (at least it is today), and as a result, the first integration we built was for Salesforce. This made sense: sales teams live in Salesforce, and rely on email and LinkedIn for the rest. But we realized that readability and immediacy are powerful hooks, no matter what your job title is.

Take sales reps: they rely on a deluge of Google Alerts they’ve set on their prospects, black boxes of lead scoring algorithms, and pissed-off managers who want to know why you haven’t already congratulated Acme Company’s new CMO on her new job. They face the same problem as engineers - a workflow that’s too noisy and fails to convey the most urgent information. DataFox for Slack addresses both problems.

Relevant information, without overload

The first step of making sales and marketing teams’ workflow better is ensuring that they get the right information and only the right information. Currently, they work out of Salesforce and Marketo, and rely on emailed Google Alerts, LinkedIn updates and manual checks of company blogs and social feeds to get updates on their prospects. And updates on their territories? Forget about it - how would you set a Google Alerts to receive news updates on all Texas-based healthcare companies? Sales teams are left panning for the nuggets of truly actionable information in the deluge of results.

We’ve put our energy into making news events much more organized than they’ve ever been before. Our customers know their customers best - they know, for example, that they sell best to ecommerce companies that just opened a new office, or Hadoop-using companies that just hired a new CTO. With DataFox, they can receive exactly those tailored alerts.

By letting our customers decide what information they want, and how they want to react to that information, we can more easily fit into their everyday workflow - which is our ultimate goal.

Real-time insights: the next big thing in sales (and everywhere else)

Good selling isn't (or at least it shouldn’t be) a sales rep cold-calling his way through a prospect list and reciting the same script every single time. Instead, it’s the perfect blend of “why you” and “why now:”

  • “Hi Amy, I saw that you’re opening a Portland office next month. We specialize in setting up corporate spaces…”
  • “Rajesh, just saw your guest post in TechCrunch about how frustrating email blasts are. Here’s how we’re helping marketers to tailor their email campaigns so that they’re genuinely useful.”
  • “Hey Sam, congratulations on joining Company X. I’m sure you’ll be building out its engineering team, so I’m here to offer my recruiting services.”

And this is the key to next-generation selling: actions by previously identified prospects or archetypes that warrant an immediate reaction. These are company signals indicating mean you should reach out to your prospects ASAP. Such signals can be anything from a media mention to layoffs to a particularly compelling tweet. And it’s why a given prospect should jump to the top of your priority list.

DataFox for Slack satisfies that need for immediacy. With our alerts, you don’t have to wait for a daily email, or a laggy, manually set alert. Instead, the things you decide are most important are delivered through the medium that excels in real-time notifications.

Slack is the peanut butter to our company signal chocolate

Okay, we’re not exactly unbiased, but our team has already found DataFox’s Slack integration enormously rewarding. The sales folks react quickly to Slack notifications on DataFox-generated company insights, and everyone in the organization chats about sales and marketing organizations’ activity in a single, collaborative channel.

Slack and DataFox go together like peanut butter and chocolate: each valuable individually, but better together. Given our aligned goals and the natural fit between our core competencies, it was a no-brainer for us to build DataFox for Slack. Slack is quickly becoming the business platform for instantaneous data,  and we’re becoming the source for instantaneous news events. We’re powering the next wave of highly efficient sales and marketing organizations, and Slack is the medium that those organizations will use. Our customers are raving about what we've built with Slack - but if you know anything about us, you know that we have a relentless drive to improve.

What do you think?

We always want to hear from our customers - if you have a feature request (or just want to let us know what you’re thinking), drop us a line at We can’t wait to hear from you!