DataFox for Sales

DataFox for Sales

Take the grunt work out of sales. DataFox makes strategic selling easy.

Built by salespeople, for salespeople.

Our team of Salesforce veterans got sick of spending 11 minutes of prep work per call to make the right pitch to the right person at the right time. With DataFox, pre-call research takes just 3 minutes. That adds up when you’re making 30 calls every day.

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Welcome to DataFox, the sales modernization tool.

Whether you're starting a new role or assigned a new territory, or simply want to keep up with the ever-changing SMB space, DataFox helps you stay on top of your clients, find sales triggers, and discover new prospects in just a

few clicks.

Do your prospecting research in a fraction of the time

Stop scouring Google searches and digging through blogs find information on your prospect. Let DataFox do that heavy lifting for you. DataFox brings you the critical news you need to reach your prospect with compelling why you, why you now triggers.

Start your day with our daily email digests revealing the new companies that entered into your territory plus real time updates of your current prospects making sure you’re aware of events such as new office openings, key hires, or funding raises. We sift through 600+ news sources per hour, so that you'll be the first to know when a midsize Atlanta fintech company closes a funding round, a California law firm hires a new CFO, or a Midwestern retailer opens a new office. Don’t spend the morning combing through news sources looking for a reason to call. Get the perfect answer to “why you, why now” delivered daily to your inbox.

Keep your information up-to-date


When you find a good prospect, watch your stale data transform into an automatically refreshed living record. Our proprietary data and news processing algorithms provide up-to-date contact information, revenue estimates, and more. Every hour, 240 business addresses change, 150 phone numbers go out of date and 40 CEOs leave their jobs. Don’t miss out on an opportunity because you’re relying on numbers from 2012. Our Salesforce integration enriches your existing prospect list with the most current information.

Fill the top of your funnel in minutes, not hours

Find a great prospect? Wish you had 10 more identical companies? Use the DataFox similar companies algorithm to determine which companies are closest to your current prospects, then add them into your CRM with one click.

DataFox adds thousands of companies per week, making sure you never run out of prospects to call. Start by filtering our database to match your territory, remove the accounts that already exist in SFDC, push all of your new prospects into SFDC with one click, and layer on contacts. Whether you're looking for high-value new prospects or finding contact information for key decision-makers, DataFox puts hours' worth of Google, Crunchbase and LinkedIn searches right at your fingertips. With our tools, you'll always come into the office with a new prospecting call to make.

DataFox takes the grunt work out of sales.

Our team of Salesforce veterans created the ultimate tool for strategic sellers. Email, call 415-969-2144 or register today to get started on a free trial.