DataFox for Investors and Researchers

DataFox for Investors and Researchers

DataFox for Investors and Researchers

Discover under-the-radar companies that fit your criteria.

DataFox’s natural language processor sifts through 600 news sources every hour to discover 750 new companies every day. Build a comps list in seconds with our Similar Companies Engine or save target parameters (headcount, keyword, location, etc.) and get notified when new companies meet your criteria. Companies get into our database before they’ve raised money, so you can be the first to discover them. Built by investment bankers, DataFox helps you find the right opportunities without the grunt work.

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Prioritize conferences to attend and companies to approach.

Search 1,500 conferences by keyword, location, and date, and filter participants by revenue, location, fundraising stage,  or 30+ other data points. Use our VLookup Killer to see which of your tracked companies are participating in any event.

Never miss an opportunity.

Query our database to receive up-to-date information and alerts. Stay informed on the fastest-growing, pre-funding companies founded after 2010 or Atlanta-based companies with fewer than 100 employees but over $20m in revenue. Build prospect lists using your unique criteria.

Bring stale spreadsheets to life.

Feed data from our API into your existing systems. Inform your models with our proprietary Growth Score. Refresh information on your tracked companies using our Google Sheets add-on, or import them right into DataFox. We use natural language processing to crawl over 2,000 news events every day and update our database. You won’t have to re-run your models every time new information comes in.

DataFox takes the grunt work out of research.

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