DataFox Enterprise: The All-In-One Deal Sourcing and Monitoring Solution for the Technology Sector

DataFox Enterprise: The All-In-One Deal Sourcing and Monitoring Solution for the Technology Sector

For the last few months, deal-makers and analysts from select firms including Intuit, GE, and Box have seen better deal-flow than their competitors. As early adopters of DataFox’s new Enterprise offering, they’ve harnessed the latest in Stanford’s machine learning and data analytics to discover prospects, compare and track groups of companies, and share new insights with their teams.

Put data to work for you

With the explosion of information (90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years), it’s become increasingly difficult for analysts to analyze new markets, find partnership opportunities, and invest for future growth.

Analysts in business development, M&A, and corporate strategy at Fortune 500 companies, burgeoning startups, banks, and consulting firms spend two to five hours a day pulling data from the “firehose” of information (databases, newsletters, reports, emails, search queries, social media, etc.). The noise makes it hard to be efficient, and archaic tools like Excel make it even harder for teams to collaborate around their research.

At DataFox we love building scalable, automated systems for data extraction and analysis, and today we’re excited to open our Enterprise product up to the public. Already used by hundreds of deal-making analysts, our Enterprise tier helps teams find, monitor, and share long-tail data surrounding the companies and markets they’re interested in.

Never miss another deal, with Smart Lists and Alerts

(1) Smart Lists

With our new Smart Lists, you’ll never miss another investment, M&A or partnership opportunity. By saving your search parameters as Smart Lists, DataFox monitors thousands of sources 24/7 for any new companies that satisfy your criteria. Using our proprietary keyword taxonomy, you can set very nuanced searches by industry or product, or apply other filters such as location, investor, or company size.

(2) Customized Alerts

Catering to popular demand, DataFox now lets you set different Email Alerts on each of your Lists and Smart Lists. For each List, you can customize your alert frequency: weekly, daily, or hourly, as well as what types of events you want to be alerted on: financial milestones, growth metrics, key executive changes, or “all news” for the companies in your Lists.

Getting in front of a potential deal early can help you win more deals. According to Forrester, this win rate is “upwards of 74%.” Setting Alerts on your Lists and Smart Lists can help you reach out at the right time, and beat your competitors to the punch. If you’re still receiving Google Alerts and 10 newsletters every morning, it’s time to upgrade to a 2015-worthy solution!

Automating the most painful, mundane parts of deal-makers’ jobs

We spent the last 6 months making DataFox a powerful resource not just for individual analysts, but also for teams looking to collaborate on the insights they’re drawing from our algorithms. From hundreds of customer interviews we uncovered the most painful parts of deal-makers’ jobs, and built solutions to their problems:

(1) Salesforce integration

“Manual data entry into CRMs is the biggest cause of inefficiency on our team.” Sound familiar? Our Salesforce integration puts our company profiles at your team's fingertips from right within Salesforce. Quickly view rich information on any account, including funding history, keyword tags, competitors, events, and key milestones. For screenshots galore, here’s an in-depth overview of our Salesforce integration.

(2) Automatically import your lists from Excel, and then export them complete with data, trends, and scores

Using our auto-import wizard, you now can import any list of companies to DataFox in seconds, and export a spreadsheet full of data. The time savings are boundless. Import a CSV of your entire portfolio or pipeline, and generate a rich data-table served up that stays up-to-date. Better yet, save multiple hours each day by setting up Alerts on your uploaded lists, and you’ll receive emails telling you exactly what’s happening with the companies and sectors you're following.

Or, next time you’re heading to a conference, simply copy and paste the list of attending companies into a CSV, upload to DataFox, and voila ― use funding, headcount, web, location, and other data to plan your conference priorities. Never before was it actually possible to stay completely current on your portfolio and pipeline.

(3) Share Lists, Research, and Important Milestones with Your Team

So long, stale spreadsheets! Build your list of companies and then share that list with your team to track and follow. Choose from various sharing options in DataFox to grant access to your entire team or to individuals within your team.

Spot a company or event your team should know more about? No need to spend time writing an email. Instead, just leave a comment in DataFox for the rest of your team. Anytime your colleagues look up that company in the future, they’ll see your notes and curated events. Or, send snippets and milestones straight to Twitter ― where you can now develop a presence and expertise without wasting time.

(4) Personalized help from our analysts

Specially for our Enterprise clients, we have a team of analysts available to help harness the full power of DataFox’s deal intelligence platform. Our team is based right here in our San Francisco HQ and on call to upload big spreadsheets, hunt for duplicate entries, solve inconsistencies, and generate company profiles for any companies that are not already in our system.

Sign up for a trial or join our Webinar to see DataFox in action

At DataFox, we believe in providing solutions that computers can cater to, so so humans don’t have to do the shitty stuff. We want to arm our customers with all the benefits of automated data aggregation and structuring, wrapped in an intuitive interface that’s a joy for teams to use and collaborate on.

With our new Enterprise offering, we’ve brought automation to lead generation, market research, and company tracking. To try it out, sign up for a trial at or sign up for a Webinar to see DataFox in action.