DataFox Digest Weekend Edition - Sunday, November 1, 2015

DataFox Digest Weekend Edition - Sunday, November 1, 2015

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Welcome to the Digest weekend edition. Every Sunday, we'll send you a recap of the week's articles for the best of the best in sales, marketing and productivity tips. Here are the highlights:

Rand Fishkin of Moz tells us how to "cheat" at giving great presentations, no matter what the topic, with 13 actionable, straightforward tips in Director of Marketing at Ambition, explains how sales managers can give effective feedback, focus on developing talent and motivate employees in How to Cheat at Creating Great Presentations for Tech & Marketing Audiences.

Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue, presents the fascinating case study of Clio: faced with severe growing pains, the company revamped its sales team, tools, compensation structure and process in just one quarter. Read how they managed to turn their sales team around (and keep morale high) in How Clio Restructured Their Sales Team In Three Months.

Tomasz Tunguz, a venture capitalist at Redpoint Ventures, provides a super-simple, crazy-helpful template that shows a sales team's trends, performance, churn and more at a single glance in A Single Report To Measure The Health Of Your Startup's Sales Team.

Jeff Hoffman explains how to come out ahead even when your competitors have lower-cost products - and why a higher price may be a selling point - in How to Sell an Expensive Product: 5 Tactics.

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Hope you enjoyed this week's recap! Look forward to tips, triggers and more in tomorrow's digest.

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