DataFox Digest - Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DataFox Digest - Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Insights from the experts

Bill Macaitis, CMO of Slack, gives an interview with SaaScribe where he discusses being the first marketing hire at a rocketship SaaS company on theSaaS Revolution Show podcast.

Matt Amundson, Director of Sales Development at Everstring, recaps his TOPO Council presentation on building a crack sales team in 3 Key Strategies for Running the Ultimate Sales Development Team.

Mike Renahan of HubSpot shows how to keep customers coming back, and provides a list of five questions to ask when you first make contact, in The 5 Things That Make Sales Reps Unforgettable to Buyers.

Peter Mollins of KnowledgeTree points out the dangers of purely metrics-based marketing and how to avoid them in The Problem with Conversion Rates.

Sabrina Bianchi of Predictable Revenue provides some practical tips, checklists and frameworks for mastering the art of the cold call in Cold Calling 101: Top 5 Benefits and How to Prepare.

Bill Cates, a referral coach, makes the case for positioning yourself as a specialist in a smaller niche, even if it means forgoing some opportunities, in 3 Tips to Create an Enviable Reputation Within Your Market.

Recent company milestones

Major new hires and promotions

Opportunity Loans (Chicago, IL) hired Jared Kaplan as its President and CEO, with outgoing CEO Todd Schwartz staying on as Executive Chairman (company press release).

Popchips (Los Angeles, CA) hired David Ritterbush as CEO, with outgoing CEOPaul Davis staying on as Co-Chairman of the board of directors (company press release).

Ooyala (Santa Clara, CA), a video publishing company, hired Scott Braley as its new General Manager of Programmatic Advertising (company press release).

DSW (Columbus, OH) announced that Roger L. Rawlins, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, will succeed the retiring Michael R. MacDonald as CEO on January 1st, 2016 (company press release).

Acquisitions and partnerships

SignalShare (Hackensack, NJ) announced a partnership with DraftKings (Boston, MA) to advertise DraftKings' fantasy sports on SignalShare's platform during sporting events (SignalShare press release).

Zeta Interactive (New York, NY), a SaaS analytics company, acquired the CRM division of eBay Enterprise (Burlington, MA) in the wake of Zeta's $125 million fundraising round last July (Zeta press release).

SCI Solutions (Campbell, CA), a healthcare technology company, acquired Clarity Health (Carrollton, GA), and the combined headquarters will be based in Seattle (SCI Solutions press release).

Expansions and relocations

Lockton Companies (Kansas City, MO), an insurance broker, will open a new office in McLean, VA on December 1st (company press release).

MetTel (New York, NY), a communications provider for enterprise businesses, will open new offices in Washington, DC and Providence, RI following an expansion of its executive team (company press release).


Avant (Chicago, IL), a marketplace lending platform, raised $325 million in a Series E round led by General Atlantic (company press release).

Body Labs (New York, NY), a healthcare technology company, raised $8 million in a Series A round led by Intel Capital (company press release).

Weave (Lehi, UT), a B2B communications company, raised $15.5 million in a Series B round led by Crosslink Capital (company press release).

It's been a wild first week!

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