DataFox Digest - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

DataFox Digest - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Insights from the experts

Tomasz Tunguz, venture capitalist at Redpoint Ventures, explores the different types of funding sources for startups and how to minimize debt in Venture Debt For SaaS Startups.

Greg George, enterprise account executive at Everstring, demonstrates how asking, building and challenging can be the keys to successful sales in A Fresh Take on the Classic ABCs of Selling.

Zara Burke, customer content editor at Intercom, provides alternatives to FAQ’s that are more customer-focused in Give Your Customers Best Practices, Not Just FAQs.

Alen Mayer, author of The Missing Piece To Sales Success, recommends a book that is focused on content marketing campaigns in New book: How to Get a Meeting with Anyone.

Jim Hopes of The Center For Sales Strategy, shows when you should really stop pursuing your sales targets in When Approaching Prospects You Probably Give Up Way Too Soon.

Bob Marsh, CEO and founder of LevelEleven, explains how helping your team focus on activities that matter and investing in technology can increase sales effectiveness in How to Motivate the Middle: Learning from Top Sales Performers to Boost Overall Output.

Emma Snider of Hubspot shares her choices for must-read books to help you earn that next promotion in 17 Books Every Aspiring CEO Should Read.

Build Better Habits

How many articles have you read with the title “7 Habits of Every Successful CEO?” It is hard to change old habits, but it is one great way to boost your creativity and productivity. Belle Beth Cooper of Fast Company shares how she developed great habits one small step at a time in How I Became A Morning Person, Read More Books, And Learned A Language In A Year.