DataFox Digest - Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DataFox Digest - Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Note: The DataFox Digest will not be published on Thursday or Friday. Happy holiday from the Foxes!

Insights from the experts

Rob Gonzalez, co-founder of Salsify, provides advice for new employees on how to choose the right company in Having Success With Code Bootcamps: Where To Work As A Bootcamp Grad.

Miles Austin and Matt Heinz talk on the Firestarters podcast about how to be more productive in How I Begin My Day featuring Matt Heinz.

Anthony Iannarino of The Sales Blog shares alternatives to routine sales strategies in Other Mediums > Social Media and Email.

Jami Oetting of HubSpot reveals how to build your agency’s brand in Is Your Lack of a Reputation Holding You Back From Getting More Referrals?

Brandon Redlinger of PersistIQ explains how to make the most out of one of the the most difficult sales technique in 5 Steps To Writing Personalized Cold Emails.

Holiday Reads

If you have some down time over the holidays take a few minutes to check out Benjamin Brandall of The Next Web ‘s research into SaaS companies as a prospective client. Brandall goes into the pros and cons of how SaaS giants present their product to consumers in I analyzed 250 SaaS pricing pages — here’s what I found.

Have some laughs during your time off courtesy of Jordan Lisacek of EverString. Check out his hilariously true take on your feelings about marketing in 9 Mad Men Marketing GIFs for the Modern Marketer.

Looking for a good movie to watch during your holiday travels? Lee Bob Black of PipeDrive provides some great suggestions from Death of a Salesman to Tommy Boy in 7 Classic Movies for Salespeople.

If you need more than a movie for a traveling distraction, check out some ideas from Lindsay Kolowich of HubSpot. She compiled a list of the best ways to make time fly in 21 of the Best Podcasts, Movies, Shows, Books & Apps to Keep You Entertained While Traveling.