DataFox Digest - Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DataFox Digest - Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Insights from the experts

Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg, provides tips to convert your target customers into brand fanatics in How to Use a Brand Evangelist to Skyrocket Your Sales.

Jason Lemkin of SaaStr demonstrates the importance of recognizing the outstanding members of your team in Who Ya Gonna Promote? Don’t Wait Too Long.

John Ternieden of InsideSales shares a conversation with three masters of social selling: Ken Krogue, Koka Sexton, and Jill Rowley in Top Sales Experts Weigh In on Delivering Value Through Social Selling.

Brian Hasenbauer of The Center For Sales Strategy reveals how sales intelligence tools can give you superpowers in How to Be a Super Salesperson.

Tina Nguyen of ToutApp begins a four-part series on how different sales trends are impacting the industry in How Technology is Changing Sales Productivity for the Better.

Jason Murray of Knowledge Tree shares a list of the best companies to help increase your sales in Top 40 Predictive Analytics Tools.

Sabrina Bianchi of Predictable Revenue explains how changing your subject lines and staggering your emails can make your emails more effective in How to Optimize Your Email Template.

Leah Bell of SalesLoft points out the worst part of a typical sales email and explains how to make improvements in 10 Things I Hate About Your Sales Email.

Finding The Right Thing To Say

It is not always easy to start a difficult conversation with a co-worker. Take a few extra minutes to read Amy Gallo of Harvard Business Review’s advice in When You’re Worried About a Colleague’s Mental Health and learn how you can make a difference.