DataFox Digest - Thursday, December 3, 2015

DataFox Digest - Thursday, December 3, 2015

Insights from the experts

Larry Kim, founder and CTO of WordStream, explains how to reach your Twitter follower goals the right way in ​The Ridiculously Smart Guide to Buying Legit Twitter Followers.

Dave Boyce, SVP of the momentum strategy team at InsideSales, illuminates how going outside the think tank is the best way for your customers to understand who you are in The Answers Are Not In This Room.

Brandon Redling, the leader of growth at PersistIQ, outlines how to get past some sales barriers in Getting Past the Gatekeeper and Talking with the Decision Maker.

Leslie Ye of HubSpot illustrates how the B.R.I.E.F. method of writing sales emails can help increase your numbers in The Simple 5-Step Method for Writing Sales Emails Prospects Will Actually Read.

Ian Watson of Moz shows how technology can be the solution to making sense of large amounts of data Let Data Take the Wheel – Using API-Integrated Reporting Dashboards.

Recent company milestones

Major hires and promotions

Huron Consulting Group (Chicago, IL), announced that Gary Anthony and Shari Breuer have been appointed as managing directors in the company’s healthcare practice (source).

Auspherix (Stevenage, UK), announced the appointment of Dr. Neil Miller as its chief scientific officer (source).

Zafin (Vancouver, British Columbia), announced that Basker Rangachari has joined their senior management team as chief transformation officer and global head of advisory services (source).

Uber (San Francisco, CA), hired Manik Gupta to lead its mapping product (source).

NatureBank (Vancouver, British Columbia), announced that Phillip Cull has been appointed as CFO and Rosita Morandin has been appointed as director of finance (source).

Expansions and relocations

HUYA Bioscience International (San Diego, CA), the global leader in accelerating drug discovery and development of biopharma innovation, now has an office in Seoul, South Korea (source).

Acquisitions and partnerships

InterContinental Hotels Group (Brierley Hill, Great Britian), a leading hotel company, and Uber (San Francisco, CA), a transportation provider, announced a rewards program collaboration (source).

ABF Logistics, an ArcBest company (Fort Smith, AR), that provides third-party logistics, acquired Bear Transportation Services (Plano, TX), a non-asset truckload brokerage firm, to drive their growth and productivity (source).

PowerSecure International (Wake Forest, NC), a provider of utility and and energy technologies to electric utilities, acquired ESCO Energy Services (Lenox, MA), a company that helps retrofit utility plants to become more environmentally friendly (source).

Peace Corp. (Washington, DC), an aid worker program, partnered with IBM (Armonk, NY), a technology innovation company, to help communities around the world thrive (source).

Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation (Pittsburgh, PA), a producer of forged and cast engineered products for the worldwide steel and aluminum industries, acquired Akers AB (Avonmore, PA), a producer cast and of forged rolls, to diversify and grow its business (source).


Cellwize (Singapore), a self-organizing network solutions provider, raised $24.5 million in a Series A round led by Carmel Ventures (source).

Kiosked (New York, NY), a global Advertising Automation platform company, raised $30 million in a Series B round led by European Investment Bank (source).

WebTuner (Redmond, VA), a supplier of software infrastructure for the next generation video distribution networks, raised $4.1 million in its latest round of funding led by HHM Plus LLC (source).

True North Therapeutics (San Francisco, CA), a biotechnology company, raised $40 million in a Series C round led by New Leaf Venture Partners (source).

Bluecore (New York, NY), a data marketing platform for ecommerce brands, raised $21 million in a Series B round led by Georgian Partners (source).

Help Others Help You

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