DataFox Digest - Monday, February 8, 2016

DataFox Digest - Monday, February 8, 2016

Insights from the experts

Mark Suster, partner at Upfront Ventures, shares an insightful conversation between Dan Primack and Fred Wilson in Dealing With Generational Change at VC Firms.

Tomasz Tunguz, venture capitalist at Redpoint Ventures, explores some new tactics to make your next negotiation a success in The Nature Of Leverage In Fundraising Conversations Has Changed.

Kamal Ahluwalia, VP of sales and marketing at Apttus Technologies, explains how to make your day-to-day sales routine more successful in Sales Enablement: How to Effectively Increase the Sales Productivity of Your Team.

Will Critchlow, founder of Distilled, navigates new sales and marketing regulations in A Checklist for Native Advertising: How to Comply with the FTC’s New Rules.

Leah Bell of SalesLoft shares the reasons why your sales prospects are saying no in 15 Stresses Every Sales Development Rep Faces Daily.

Ginny Soskey of HubSpot shows how to create great managers in How to Work With Difficult Team Members.

Brooks Arbogast of Everstring demonstrates how football can help you nail your next sales call in Predicting Super Bowl 50 and Your Next Customer.

The Rise Of The Polymath

Merriam-Webster defines the word polymath as, “someone who knows a lot about many different things.” Today we are defined by our specialized skills, but is that the direction we should be headed? Jeff Goins of Fast Company challenges you to expand your horizons in Why The 21st Century Needs More Polymaths.