DataFox Digest - Friday, February 26, 2016

DataFox Digest - Friday, February 26, 2016

Insights from the experts

Mark Suster, general partner at Upfront Venture, applies lessons from risk-takers outside Silicon Valley to venture capitalists in Spotting, Nurturing and Mentoring Talent – The Power of Troy Carter.

David Brock of Partners In Excellence predicts the future of automated sales practices in The Brave New World Of Buying Automation.

Gail Axelrod, communications manager at OpenView shares Matthew Bellows, founder of Yesware’s views on company culture in Why Yesware’s Matthew Bellows is on a Mission to Bring Mindfulness to the Workplace.

Lolly Spindler, content marketing manager at Xoombi, demonstrates how setting clear expectations and going the extra mile for your customers can help your company stand out in How to Delight Customers and Outshine the Competition.

Logan Ensign of InsideSales applies analytics to sales to help your team hit the next big push out of the park in Spring Training for Sales: Turn Your Team Into Moneyballers.

Shelley Cernel of Knowledge Tree examines today’s tech-savvy marketplace in Is Sales Enablement Technology a Luxury or a Necessity?

Weekend Reads

Increasing conversion rates can be a tough job. Having a great landing page can make all the difference. Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz, explains how to increase conversion rates on high traffic landing pages in Overcoming Objections on Your Landing Pages.


It is hard to find people to work at your company that fit well with a team. It takes a certain kind of person to identify good prospects and convince them that your company is the right place to be. Liz Ryan of Forbes explains the differences between good and bad recruiters in Five Things That Are None Of The Recruiter's Business.


The number of people working from home has increased drastically over the past 20 years. Making the transition from an office to a mobile-based schedule is not always easy. Claire Zulkey of Fast Company provides an honest look at what it is like to work from home in The (Hectic, Messy, Sometimes Annoying) Truth About Working From Home.