DataFox Daily and Weekly Briefings: Always Have Someone to Sell To

DataFox Daily and Weekly Briefings: Always Have Someone to Sell To

DataFox Daily and Weekly Briefings: Always Have Someone to Sell To

Setting up Google Alerts to track your prospects is unwieldy, noisy and limiting: while you can get news on, say, Looker, you can't get alerts on every Bay Area-based SaaS company with 20-100 employees and over $1 million in revenue. With DataFox daily and weekly briefings, though, you can stay on top of thousands of accounts and receive relevant sales triggers to start the conversation right.

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What's in a DataFox briefing?

With DataFox, you can start your morning off with a daily or weekly digest of news events and sales triggers on your tracked accounts and criteria. You can see:
  • When a tracked account is attending a conference
  • Major milestones like new hires, closed funding rounds, office expansions, job postings or layoffs
  • When new companies meet your criteria (for example, fintech companies in New York with 100-500 employees, not currently in your Salesforce account)
  • When your accounts are in the news, from the New York Times to a company blog post
You can also customize your alerts by type (e.g. conferences and net-new accounts) and frequency (daily or weekly).

How to use DataFox daily briefings

Our briefings are meant to be instantly actionable: you'll know immediately if a company announces a new hire, launches a new product or will open a new office. And those will give you the perfect reason to reach out:

Hi [name],

I checked out your recent webinar about data-driven sales – thanks for sharing those great tips. I’m glad it’s a priority for you to build out a strong content marketing strategy, because I’ve personally found it to be a highly effective way to boost inbound leads.

That’s actually why I’m reaching out – I work for a company that helps plan and measure the effectiveness of content marketing initiatives. Would you be available for a quick call where I can share a few more tips?

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.56.19 AM


[your name]

From your daily briefing, you can:
  • Tweet out the trigger
  • Send an email to prospects and others about the trigger
  • Comment on the company's profile within the DataFox app, so your team knows about the trigger

So what does a briefing actually look like?

Here's an example of a daily briefing:

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