DataFox Chrome Extension 2.0

DataFox Chrome Extension 2.0

DataFox Chrome Extension 2.0

Proprietary Company Insights at Your Fingertips


As robust prospecting platform, we're constantly doing backflips and somersaults to deliver the best quality, proprietary data set to our customers. I’ve found it interesting to see that - sometimes - the new platform features that most delight our users are the ones that simply make it easier to access our data. Our Chrome Extension is one of those features. Even our basic v1.0 was loved by early adopters for putting basic company profiles at their fingertips.

v2.0 of the DataFox Chrome Extension is available today!

With more data and a sleek new UI, we know the
DataFox Chrome Extension v2.0 will be your best friend in your battle against browser tab overload and uninformed business conversations. There are already quite a few Chrome Extensions out there offering information about companies - what’s special about this one? We decided to unleash some of our most proprietary data into this extension, even in the free version:

1: "Similar Companies"

Next time you’re on a company’s website and you’re wondering who all their competitors are (beyond the obvious ones), pop open that DataFox side pane. Our list of “Similar Companies” is derived from a complex algorithm that analyzes companies’ descriptions, the conferences they attend, the news articles they’re co-mentioned in, and many other signals. It took a team of data scientists years to refine this algorithm, and now its results are available to any/everyone!

2: “News Signals”

The newsfeed in our Chrome Extension isn’t a regular newsfeed. It’s a highly curated list of a company’s recent milestones. Through artificial intelligence and a team of human data auditors, we surface the most important recent events around a company, from thousands of news sources, blogs, and other publications.

In addition to those unique insights, the Chrome Extension includes signals relating to funding, headcount, location, keywords, and much more. So give it a whirl! Arm yourself ahead of any call or meeting, without needing to check 10 different sources.

Available in the Chrome Store

Download the DataFox Chrome Extension and watch this video to see how it works.

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