DataFox Alerts: The Smarter Way to Get Your Signals

DataFox Alerts: The Smarter Way to Get Your Signals

DataFox Alerts: The Smarter Way to Get Your Signals

The best sales emails never start with "just checking in." Personalized outreach and context are key to making a sale - to the point that sales reps spend 20% of their time finding answers to "why you, why now." DataFox alerts help you answer both sides of the question, in a fraction of the time:

Why you? Whatever your target parameters are - location, headcount, revenue, industry, and more - you can create a saved search and receive alerts when new companies match your criteria. Did a small fintech company just hit the Las Vegas startup scene? Has a Tennessee SaaS company hired enough people to need your product? Simply set your criteria, and we'll do the work of finding new matching companies.

Why now? With DataFox alerts, you'll receive a tailored feed based on your target companies or sectors, with news events distilled from over 300,000 sources by our human-audited news algorithm. Our signals range from new hires to relocations and expansions to recently closed funding rounds, and provide you with the perfect reason to reach out.

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At-a-glance sales signals, new prospects, conferences and more

Spend your mornings selling, not researching, with DataFox's daily alerts on your tracked companies and potential new prospects.

Here's what you'll see in your inbox

Stop tracking each of your companies manually.

Using Google Alerts to find "sales signals" and other company information can be hit-or-miss, and poring through newsletters and emails is an inefficient use of time. DataFox cuts through the noise to give you only the most important events relevant to the companies or industries you care about. Combine DataFox alerts with our list and saved search features to receive notifications when:
  • One of your tracked companies will be attending a conference
  • A new company similar to your prospects closes a round of funding
  • A company with more than $100 million raised but less than 50 employees makes a new hire

Actionable team discussions

Stop emailing articles around whenever you find something that might be interesting. Your comments on news events in DataFox are appended to the company profile, preserving your team's discussion where it won't ever be lost.

And with DataFox's streamlined dashboard, you can prioritize, assign next steps or owners, and manage your pipeline seamlessly.

Setting up DataFox alerts Setting up DataFox alerts

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Register for a free trial with DataFox, and one of our team members will help you set up alerts tailored to your goals. We'll eliminate the grunt work and give you the perfect reason to reach out.

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