Introducing the CRM Orchestration app for Salesforce AppExchange

Introducing the CRM Orchestration app for Salesforce AppExchange

Introducing the CRM Orchestration app for Salesforce AppExchange

One of the biggest challenges every sales organization faces is finding and compiling valuable company information and customer data. With the growing shift toward workplace AI (Artificial Intelligence), and availability of data, previously cumbersome systems are being replaced with higher quality and more efficient workflows. Yet, in an age of automation and AI, CRM is still a remarkably manual tool.

We started DataFox to eliminate the painful manual processes that afflict every sales organization. Our machine learning algorithms and AI have been gathering, compiling and putting the right data, in the right hands for years. Modern sales organizations require an intelligent CRM, for which a clean, integrated data foundation is a necessity.

Today, we are excited to announce DataFox Company Intelligence & CRM Orchestration for Salesforce is now available in the Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading business app marketplace.

Developed over the last eighteen months, more than 70% of DataFox sales customers are already using the integration and seeing meaningful impact to their sales success.

“The DataFox AppExchange app brings unparalleled insights directly into reps’ Salesforce instance, wherever they are and wherever they need it, to boost productivity and increase revenue,” said DataFox CEO Bastiaan Janmaat. “Too much time is wasted sifting through data. DataFox’s powerful CRM Orchestration app is so effective in growing revenue that we’ve seen 150% year-over-year growth. And now, even more Salesforce customers can quickly integrate our technology into their work streams so sales reps can take action at the right time with top accounts while saving time and resources.”

DataFox Company Intelligence & CRM Orchestration for Salesforce brings data and valuable company information from the DataFox platform and delivers intelligent insights into customers' own Salesforce orgs and existing workflows.

DataFox CRM Orchestration app provides a 360-degree view of the customer:

  • Automated CRM updates and data management
  • Lead to account matching and enrichment
  • Total addressable market mapping and expansion
  • Task-building workflows for sales teams
  • Custom alerts to reps when priority accounts reach key milestones
  • Identification of conferences with a high concentration of target accounts

Salesforce requires a foundation of clean data in order for the CRM to lead to future customers, partners, and other business opportunities. DataFox surfaces clean matches and identifies duplicate, incomplete, or incorrect account data. The DataFox AppExchange app automatically infuses your Salesforce Sales Cloud with actionable insights and delivers alerts directly to the user’s personalized workflow. Integrating this AI-powered intelligence layer with your Salesforce empowers sales organization with an intelligent CRM.

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