New to Silicon Valley? Create a Network From Scratch in 2 Months

New to Silicon Valley? Create a Network From Scratch in 2 Months

Our first Insights Analyst joins our team today. He has impressive credentials and is super-smart, but what we like most about him is his scrappiness and guts.

In his blog post "Mentored by Silicon Valley Luminaries,” Niv talks about the decision he made to leave his previous job without a clear idea of where he was headed next. He took the time to read, meet people, explore, and learn, and found himself going deeper (intellectually) into specific areas of interest. Private market efficiency being one of them, our paths inevitably crossed. Niv's is a great example of the power of networking through knowledge sharing.


Read his post to learn more - or check out our TL;DR (too long, didn't read) below. Watch this space because you’ll be hearing more from him through DataFox soon!

TL;DR - “Mentored by Silicon Valley Luminaries,” by Niv Dror

Seeking Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge

  • A great way to get someone’s attention is to genuinely ask for advice
  • You can quickly market yourself as an expert in the Valley, because trends form so quickly

Building a Network

  • To get to know a person or company, offer to help out, without asking for anything in return
  • Sharing your network is the best way to expand/fortify your own