Can Our Machine Learning Algorithms Predict This Year's Crunchies?

Can Our Machine Learning Algorithms Predict This Year's Crunchies?

DataFox is putting our machine learning algorithms up against the notoriously fickle tech world: using our five company quality algorithms, we're predicting the startup winners of the 9th annual Crunchies awards. How do you measure the "undefinable" qualities of a new startup like Robinhood or Honor, especially when valuation data isn't available? How can you gauge the executive team's quality, which can make or break a startup? We give it a shot.

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Based on our proprietary growth and quality algorithms, which give form to unquantifiable traits and provide leading indicators of startups' success, here's who we think will be taking home the golden ape in the three company-level categories: best new startup, best overall startup and fastest-growing startup.

Best new startup

Nominee Location DataFox overall score
Jet Hoboken, NJ 1033
Robinhood Kingsgrove, Australia 1031
Honor San Francisco, CA 912
Operator San Francisco, CA 902
EazeUp San Francisco, CA 896
Our prediction: Jet or Robinhood - it's a tossup

Best overall startup

Nominee Location DataFox overall score
Uber San Francisco, CA 1121
Docker San Francisco, CA 1065
Slack San Francisco, CA 1038
Snapchat Venice, CA 1034
Xiaomi Beijing, China 1008
Our prediction: Uber

Fastest rising startup

Nominee Location DataFox growth score
Zenefits San Francisco, CA 1180
Postmates San Francisco, CA 1068
TransferWise London, United Kingdom 982
Slack San Francisco, CA 885
YouNow New York, NY 828
Our prediction: Zenefits

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