Building an Epic Brand

Building an Epic Brand

Jeff Yoshimura is the master of SaaS stories. He was at Salesforce during the “No Software” picketing days, spearheaded a similar “#SubscriptionEconomy”effort at Zuora, and is now serving as VP of worldwide marketing at Elastic. In this panel, he talks brand-building with Jason Lemkin.

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Special thanks to Jason Lemkin of SaaStr for putting on this conference and giving us the chance to publish these summaries.

In a nutshell:

  • Brand-building takes time; don’t punish someone for a lack of immediate results.
  • Think outside the box and have fun.
  • Tie your product into a broader story.
Q: Talk about Elastic’s app exchange.

A: They got their first 100 apps by setting an aggressive internal goal: 100 apps in 60 days. They treated the app exchange like a brand, and never gave it secondary status.

Q: How did you do marketing at Zuora?

A: They had some fun with it. They picketed outside of an Apple launch as and got some good media coverage about the idea of a subscription economy. The name, though, was a little hard: sales reps had to teach pronunciation on every call.

Q: Any tips for brand-building?

A: First, no company or experience is the same. Second, brand-building takes time – how many people knew of Salesforce before 2008? Don’t fire someone because you haven’t gotten quick results – just keep iterating. Finally, hire the right team.

Q: How do you draw the line between end users and clients for stories?

A: At Elastic, they don’t really care – they just want as many user stories as possible.

Q: Is it okay to hire a rookie for the marketing team?

A: It’s fine to hire someone with 2-3 years experience; they don’t necessarily have to be proven.

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