Bridging Wearables and IoT at Wearable World Congress 2015

Bridging Wearables and IoT at Wearable World Congress 2015

Hundreds of companies converge on San Francisco this week for Wearable World Congress 2015. These wearable and IoT startups will pitch the latest wearable and IoT technology to the media, investors, and potential corporate partners.

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10 Wearable Startups Raised More than $100 Million in 2015

Scanadu raised $35 million in late April to bring to market its medical tricorder, an at-home medical device measuring heart rate, core body temperature, diastolic blood pressure, and other health vitals. Along with bringing the tricorder to market, Scanadu plans to produce a family of medical products to track vitals and share these metrics with users' smartphones.

"Scanadu is right at the heart of the next generation of computing which combines mobility, sensors, cloud, and big data," said investor Jerry Yang, the former chief executive and cofounder of Yahoo, in a statement. "I am bullish on Scanadu and its potential to revolutionize the way we think about our health."

Narrative Web Traffic Spiked to 1.3M after Product Release

Narrative released announced May 18 that it will begin shipping Narrative Clip 2 in September. Narrative's second generation model will give users the ability to set the time between shots and increase the megapixels from 5 to 8. The new model will cost $199, while the first generation model will still sell for $149.

VegasTechFund, Fenox Venture Capital & Y Combinator Active in Wearables with 3 Investments

[/imageframe][/fullwidth]VegasTechFund invested in three startups at Wearable World Congress: Scanadu (health diagnostics devices), and  General Assembly (worldwide business skills education), and bia (GPS sports tracker). These companies join more than 100 other companies in VegasTechFund's portfolio including Zirtual, AnyPerk, and YouNoodle:Want to discover and track startups bridging wearables and IoT, register for a free, 14-day DataFox trial and follow the Wearable World Congress 2015 public list.