Billion Dollar Startups

Billion Dollar Startups

The Billion Dollar Startup Club "Unicorns" are private companies with a valuation of over a billion dollars. The Wall Street Journal keeps track of them. At the time of writing, the list of consists of 59 companies. We put together a DataFox List to help you analyze them.

Interesting Takeaways?

Plenty. Check out the SlideShare below to see which startups raised the most private funding, the investors with the most Unicorns in their portfolio (hint: #1 has to do with a tree), top sectors, and much more. Download the slides here.

You can also follow the Billion Dollar Startup Club list on DataFox and we'll keep you updated as the companies raise more capital, change their headcount, make an acquisition, get acquired, or go public (the more likely outcome). You'll need to be logged in to your DataFox account (30-day free trial available here).

Bonus: we've made available some of the data on a public Google Doc! Download the spreadsheet here.