Be alerted when companies match your search criteria

Be alerted when companies match your search criteria

You already search for companies by funding round, web traffic, and investor. Now with DataFox, you can save your searches and receive email alerts when companies match your search criteria.Want to know when the next fintech company raises $5 million? Setup a saved search and receive a rundown of new companies in your daily digest.

Here's how to setup your saved searches to receive these alerts:

  1. Go to any of your saved searches; if you haven't saved a search, create a search like the one below (Fintech companies raised more than $5M) and save your search.  

  2. Click on "Edit Alerts" in the top right corner to open up your News Alert Preferences; and toggle on the switch for "New Companies Match Your Criteria".

Our team is here to help

We know finding new companies, tracking their progress, and managing your pipeline can be time-consuming. DataFox is here to save you time by putting the information you need at your fingertips, so you can make better business decisions.

To schedule a 20-minute session with one of our analysts, email or call 415-969-2144.