Introducing DataFox for the Apple Watch

Introducing DataFox for the Apple Watch

Why we believe the Apple Watch will irreversibly change the way you work, for the better...

We live in a world of information overload. Screens buzzing, lights flickering, unread counts spiraling out of control. It’s increasingly important to rely on filters — priority inbox, spam filters, executive assistants, etc. — because some updates are much more critical than others.

You don’t want to check your phone every time you receive a notification — but you do because you don’t want to run the risk of missing the most important ones.

Enter: the Apple Watch. We built an app for your wrist because we believe this new screen is a major step forward in separating the signal from the noise.

How it works

The DataFox Apple Watch app only shows you the most critical updates relating to your job: You’ll receive messages when your team closes a deal or a critical opportunity needs your attention.

While our web app delivers notifications for all sorts of news, events, and insights, the Watch app limits notifications to @messages and insights from your colleagues about the companies you track. You’ll see messages from colleagues whenever they @message you or flag a company you follow. If you want to dive into a colleague’s comment, you can tap through and read the whole thread.
Gone are the days of emailing news articles back and forth. Now your team can send and reply to comments in company profiles, funding events and other news items. These discussions are appended to company profiles to enrich the profile and enhance your team’s collaboration. The Watch app syncs with the web and iPhone app’s team messaging and notifications, so you won’t read anything twice.

New to DataFox?

If you haven’t experienced the utility of our web app yet - feel free to give it a try. We’ve built a powerful prospecting and tracking tool that gives you access to information about over 600,000 technology companies. It's as fast and flexible as a spreadsheet, but offers automated data updates and a modern interface to organize and collaborate on your sales pipeline, prospect lists, or investment portfolio.

Welcome to the future of company prospecting and tracking: real-time, relevant, and on-the-go.

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