Announcing DataFox Enrich for new Salesforce Lightning Data

Announcing DataFox Enrich for new Salesforce Lightning Data

Announcing DataFox Enrich for new Salesforce Lightning Data

We are proud to announce DataFox Enrich, our second app on the Salesforce AppExchange. The new app, powered by the new Lightning Data engine, highlights the importance of quality data in CRM by making it more accessible for Salesforce users. This is an exciting opportunity for us, as company intelligence provider that specializes in quality account data.

In our quest to match customers with their best fit accounts at the right time, we recognize the need for quality data to make processes and insights efficient and intelligent. We have invested heavily in our journey to create quality proprietary data, by combining machine-learning capabilities and white-glove analyst verification. As such, we are honored to embark on this next phase of AppExchange, with a partner that also recognizes the inherent value and importance of access to quality data in the cloud.

We saw so much success with our first listing, DataFox Orchestrate, that we doubled down to launch an app that will help us promote our long-term goal of data quality for everyone.

With DataFox Enrich, our customers will be able to embed AI-sourced, human-audited company insights directly into their account records. The enrichment data available spans 25 data points, including: company location, employee headcount, industry keywords, phone number, LinkedIn profile, competitors, funding, and more.

Our sales and marketing customer base lives in Salesforce. 70 percent of our customers already use the Salesforce Integration -- a testament to ongoing partnership success and an indication of future success to come from another Salesforce app integration. We want to capitalize on opportunities to further enhance usability and availability of data for our customers.

Our data integrates natively in Salesforce, via the new Lightning Data engine, simplifying the onboarding and matching process and enabling users to embed our data directly onto existing account records.

This announcement comes with a tide of general excitement around AI technologies, including Salesforce’s Einstein. Quality data and key integrations are essential prerequisites for AI-enabled technology.

Integration with quality data providers will enable organizations to enhance the accuracy and efficacy of their operational tasks. These tasks can span from account scoring to territory design to outreach personalization, and ultimately will take advantage of the new wave of technology offered by AI-enabled technologies like Einstein.

“We went out looking for better data than what we had in our systems today, and that’s when we discovered DataFox. Equitable territory design is an exercise in optimization that required my own account scoring model. To get there, I needed high-quality data integrated into my CRM.” – Laurie Schrager, VP of Global Sales Operations at Tealium.

As Salesforce continues their transformation from system of record to a system of engagement (and ultimately a system of intelligence), quality data integrations are essential elements of the evolution. We are thrilled to be part of it.

To learn more about the DataFox Erich app, join our webinar where Bombora, HG Data and Salesforce will be discussing the new Lightning Data Engine on the Salesforce AppExchange.